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Trick or Treat

A Furry Vore Story By Foxgut

Contains: M/M Unwilling Accidental Vore, Underage Prey, Unaware Predator, Digestion, Scat/Disposal, Size Difference, Clothing being passed

It was a late Halloween night, as a very drunk Kevin the rhino sat slumped in the passenger seat of his friend’s speeding car. He was being driven home after drinking heavily at a costume party, still wearing his cheap Poundland eyepatch as a poor excuse for a pirate outfit. He blankly stared forward, not seeming to react to any sights as his foggy mind struggled to maintain any coherent train of thought. He seemed to snap back to reality, at least partially, when his friend honked and swerved to avoid hitting a trick-or-treater.

“Watch where yer going!” The doberman behind the wheel angerly shouted to the kid he nearly ran down. While he was much more lucid than his passenger, he had already passed the point where he should be driving some beers ago. He continued on down the road anyways, in a rush to get Kevin home so he could make it back to the party before it was over. The newly aware rhino leaned over, putting his hands on the dog’s shoulders and shaking. “Getush some burgers... I’m starving over here!” He slurred, as the canine tried to push him away.

“Get off of me you big lug! I don’t got time to stop for you.” The rhino growled, but before he had a chance to protest, the car had already pulled into his driveway. “Now go rest, and drink some water or something. I’m headed back before the party’s completely over. The rhino mumbled something incoherent under his breath, before he opened the door and stepped out. He wobbled on his feet, very nearly losing his balance before bracing himself against the car. After a few seconds he began to slowly lumber towards the door. Before he even waited for the rhino to safely make it to the door, the doberman had sped off.

For the next hour or so Kevin wandered between his couch and fridge in a barely conscious state, continuing to drink more beer to try and fill his empty belly. He couldn’t manage to sate his hunger on liquid alone, and he was completely out of real food, but at some point he drank himself right to the point before blackout. He lay on his couch staring up at the ceiling fan through severe tunnel vision, He was on the verge of falling asleep, when his doorbell rang.

Benjamin stood outside the door with his candy bag held out, waiting for some response from the inside. The young wolf boy was dressed as a giant piece of candy corn, and wore a cheery smile despite nearly being run over earlier in the night. He stood patiently as he heard footsteps, and then what sounded like something heavy falling over, before the stepping resumed a few seconds later. After nearly a minute the door handle would jiggle, as the rhino behind it struggled to turn it correctly. Finally the door opened, and the wolf spoke.

“Trick or treat!”

Kevin wobbled back and forth on his feet. He didn’t seem to respond to those words, even though he was quite fixated on the costume before him. The trick or treater about came up to his knees. The rhino didn’t quite seem to recognize that there was a person in the costume however. He only saw a giant piece of candy... And he thought that it would fill his belly perfectly.

Nearly stumbling over as he did it, the giant reached out to grab the costume by its sides. “H-hey, what are you...” The strong rhino effortlessly lifted the boy up into the air, as he began to kick. “Put me down mister! I just want candy!”

“Want candy...” Kevin sleepishly repeated, as he opened his jaws. He started to lower Benjamin down, until his feet touched his tongue. “H-hey, that isn’t funny!” The boy screamed as his feet slid down the throat. “Help! Somebody, help me!” He thrashed and squirmed, but the rhino was able to keep him subdued in that giant costume with almost no effort. Eager to fill his stomach, he began to quickly shove those legs, and then the first part of the candy corn costume past his lips. Of course the cotton tasted horrible, but both his face and tongue were so numbed that he could barely tell. His stomach let out a loud, wet rumble in anticipation of its meal.

“I’m not candy! S-stop!” The boy yelled as he began to cry. He felt the predator’s esophagus squeezing his body through the costume, as he pushed more of it into his gaping maw. “P-please, mister...” He said inbetween sobs, before a giant hand rested on his head, and shoved him all the way past his lips. The jaws snapped shut, sealing the child in darkness. With one last movement of the tongue, the rest of him was swallowed.

The cotton was quite hard to push down, so much so that it seemed Benjamin might just get stuck before he reached the stomach. But the muscles in the gullet were determined to do their job, and eventually, they were able to deposit him in the stomach. The fleshy pit reeked of alcohol and pizza, with a strong hint of bile in the background. The young boy was smart enough to know that he was made of meat, and he knew what the stomach would turn him into. He struggled as much as he could, but was hindered severely by his costume.

“Please, cough me up!” He sputtered as the gut suddenly shifted while the rhino laid down, splashing liquid into his face. “I don’t wanna be poop!”

Kevin in the meantime laid on his couch, only faintly feeling the struggles in his stomach. Something was bothering him however. A flicker of rational thought told him that the candy corn he ate had been awfully loud for candy... His train of thought was interrupted, as he felt a massive bubble of air working its way out of his stomach.

*Urrrhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaap!* A nearby wall painting rattled just slightly with the force of the belch he let out. Shortly after that, he would finally fall asleep, snoring loudly as his slightly larger than normal belly gurgled and shook.

Benjamin had remembered the emergency phone his parents gave him. He managed to find it inside of his costume, and tried to call his mom. The thick flesh of the predator’s gut would block the signal quite effectively however. After a few more failed attempts to get a call out, the mix of alcohol, party food, and acid would ruin the device, turning it into a brick. “Heeeelp! Somebody, help me!” He shouted, though his voice could barely travel outside of the flesh, let alone outside of Kevin’s house. The boy tried to pull his costume off to have a better chance of fighting his way out, but the thick cloth just became tangled over his head and arms. He flailed wildly as the pool of acid rose, and he began to feel a tingle in his flesh. The rhino was already beginning to digest him. Mercifully, the earlier belch had depleted most of the air in the stomach. By the time he felt the tingling, he would already be very lightheaded. Soon after the child would lose consciousness, and the rhino’s wobbling middle would finally go still.

Over the course of the night, Kevin’s stomach would throughly reduce the young wolf to soup, with many indigestibles floating in it. Bones, fur, his phone, shoes and other clothes. Most notably that massive candy corn costume was left perfectly intact. The mess would begin to drain into his intestines to be further processed. Just like in the esophagus the costume stubbornly refused to move further, threatening to get lodged where it was, but the digestive system eventually won out and pulled it further down. The sludge was refined into its baser elements, allowing any useful nutrients to be absorbed by the predator. That child would likely end up being the most nutritious meal that Kevin had eaten that night, even with all the indigestable junk it came with.

Those pieces, plus the leftover waste were pushed into his colon. The costume lagged behind somewhat, while everything else was packed into a few large turds. Most of the bones and lumps of fur were smoothly packed into the logs, while most of the clothing ended up bunched with the costume. Slowly the mess inched forward, beginning to fill the rhino’s rectum. The urge to poop would’ve eventually woken him up, but before it could, a loud beeping from his phone jolted him awake.

“Gah, fuck!” Kevin shouted as he woke up, the hungover beast feeling a pounding headache. He fished around for his phone, pulling it out to stop the noise.

“Huh...? Ugh, don’t wake me up for that shit.” He mumbled as he threw the phone onto the nearby table. On the screen was an alert message that read “MISSING CHILD”, followed by details stating he was last seen very close to the rhino’s home. He paid it no mind as he closed his eyes, to attempt to sleep again. But his headache, along with the pressure in his bowels would ensure he couldn’t just drift off again. After a few minutes he would begrudgingly get up, to at least take care of one of those problems.

Kevin walked into the bathroom, sitting on his large toilet and spreading his legs. He absentmindedly let a large fart rip past his tailhole as he relaxed his anus, and began to poop. His anus stretched to reveal the first lump of waste. Though there were several bones visible inside of it, they were packed in smoothly enough that Kevin didn’t notice anything amiss. The log dropped with a splash, and he allowed the second to push out. Again it felt normal, even though part of a tennis shoe could be seen near the tip. As soon as it exited his body, the third lump of the boy’s remains eased out. It was a little unusual for him to have that much of a morning dump, but he was more concerned with his splitting headache than with himself pooping more than usual.

He would get a little concerned however, when the wadded up candy corn costume pressed up against his anus. It was stuck in a half formed turd, but was so large and had so much exposed cloth that he couldn’t easily push it out. “What the fuck did I eat last night...” His memory was very hazy, but he vaguely remembered eating a bunch of candy after he came home. The rhino sighed and began to push, clenching his colon, and putting some force down on his belly.

“Uuugh... I gotta eat more fiber.” He said aloud as the cloth slowly inched out. After nearly a minute of straining, the rest of the costume would finally shoot out into the bowl.

Kevin sat on the bowl, sighing with relief. At least it felt good to get all of that gunk out of his bowels. Had he bothered to look down, he might’ve seen the bright orange costume among the bones and clothes and realize he’d done something very horrible the previous night. But instead he just reached for the flush lever. His powerful toilet quickly washed away the evidence of his misdeeds, before he got up to find some aspirin. At some point the police would come to question him about the kid that went missing, but they’d never suspect that the large rhino had sent poor Benjamin down into the sewers. Kevin himself would never suspect it either for that matter, despite being confused about pooping out a mostly intact bag of candy a day later.

I hope you enjoyed the return of Kevin. If you want to see him pushing out somebody else he ate by accident, consider reading the first story I wrote starring him, The Morning After The Party.

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