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Any stories I have written that involve one or more characters being digested before being disposed of. Click here to view all stories instead.

Party Pooper

Andrew wakes up after a halloween party, with a familiar feeling in his lower gut and unsure of where all the other guests went..

Contains: M/various vore, furry vore, mass vore, hammerspace, digestion, fatal vore, HEAVY scat and disposal

Also contains illustrations by metalgear500!


A pilot on a simple scientific mission crash lands on a strange planet, and encounters a hungry blue vixen.

Contains F/F Vore, Krystal, Unwilling Prey, Digestion, Soul Digestion, Farting, Scat/Disposal

Trick or Treat

A young cub is having the time of his life dressed as a candycorn. But he's about to run into a rhino that has a habit of eating what he shouldn't when he's drunk.

Contains M/M Unwilling Accidental Vore, Underage Prey, Unaware Predator, Digestion, Scat/Disposal, Size Difference, Clothing being passed

The Giant Cow and Cassandra

Cassandra gets a job at a farm with some very unusual animals, but has no idea what she's getting herself into.

Contains F/F anal vore, F/F oral vore, feral predator, unwilling prey, digested and undigested prey, extensive scat

Critter Hunters

An aardwolf gets a job relocating some pesky micros. But when he's left alone, he decides to relocate them to his stomach instead.

Contains M/various oral vore, unwilling vore, multiple prey, digestion, disposal/scat, micro/macro

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