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Renamon's Constipation

By Foxgut

F/F vore, micro/macro, nonfatal vore, full tour, scat

No predator is immune from being outwitted by their prey.

Renamon had certainly dealt with her fair share of uncooperative food. Of the hundreds of micros that had vanished down her throat over the years, perhaps a couple dozen or so had lived to tell the tale. A few had managed to slip back up her gullet while she was sleeping. A couple knew just how to aggravate her stomach until it spewed its contents back up. And one even managed to sneak a tiny blade inside with them, threatening to eventually cut through her flesh if she didn't release them voluntarily.

By far the most common mode of escape however, was down and out the exit they would've taken if they were digested anyways. Being pushed through a giant's bowels and out their ass was nothing short of a horrible fate, though still not as bad as actually being digested before going through them!

It was no use attempting to sneak through undetected, as Renamon would quickly notice whenever something large and fuzzy had exited her stomach. Truthfully she didn't mind this though. It wasn't that much trouble to remember to eat some extra food to make up for the lack of nutrients later on, and she actually tended to enjoy feeling the squirming throughout her intestines! Besides, it wasn't like there was much she could do to stop someone from pushing their way into her lower guts if they were really determined.

Renamon's most recent living prey had managed to escape their fate of just being another piece of food. The beautiful yellow kitsune named Kinne had found herself being unceremoniously swallowed by the predator about a week ago. Rather than resign herself to being painfully digested into sludge, she had managed to push herself down into the bowels below. The predator had noticed this happen, but didn't seem to care. She would have to eat a bit more to make up for the lost nutrients, but she would simply poop out and flush the fox away, like anything else she ate.

It was an early morning when Renamon had gone to relieve herself of the kitsune. She didn't even remember that there was something alive in her digestive system at that point, as she went to relieve herself just as she did every morning. Only that time, she couldn't. At some point Kinne's legs folded over on herself, making her just too large to fit through her tight tailhole. She tried again the next day, and the next, each day feeling even more pressure in her rectum as each of her previous meals piled onto the stubborn micro.

And today Renamon sat on the toilet again, still constipated just as she had been for those last few days. She had eaten all manner of things to try and push the fox out. A variety of fruits and veggies, different laxatives, and even a few more micros just to add more pressure. She felt pain in her colon as everything that had backed up sat inside, trying to push their way out. Still Kinne sat stuck between that tight tailhole and several days worth of food. Her own butt inched out of Renamon's tailhole, but she could go no further thanks to her legs being folded against her hips.

“Errrgh...” Renamon cringed in pain as she felt her intestines shifting around. She didn't want to go see a doctor, lest they ask questions about why she had a living micro inside of her bowels. She still sat, determined to push everything out of her body.

“Grrrr, come on... get out of my ass...” Renamon clenched the sides of the toilet seat as she tried to push the load out of her rectum with all her might. “Get... out... of my ass!” She shouted before suddenly going silent. A crack could be heard as Kinne's legs broke, folding her up just tightly enough that she could fit through the predator's anus. She yelled as her body was inched out, before a massive fart ripped, shooting her out the rest of the way. The kitsune splashed into the bowl as the air loudly echoed off of the porcelain, before all of the solids began to rush out as well. She could feel her belly get just a bit lighter as several large turds were quickly shoved out by the pressure, dropping on or near the kitsune below. Nearly as quickly as it had started, it was over. Renamon relaxed on the toilet, as she gave a great sigh of relief. “Finally...”

She got up, and began to wipe her tailhole as she looked down into the toilet. Under the mess she had just made, she saw a sobbing yellow kitsune. She flicked down the dirty paper, noticing just a bit of blood. “Ugh... maybe I should start chewing my food.”

Without a second thought she pushed the lever to flush Kinne and everything else into the sewers.

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