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The Princess

By Foxgut

F/F vore, same size, willingly unwilling prey, digestion, implied reformation

It was an unseasonably cold, breezy, moonlit night in the Kingdom. Rina stood atop her outlook, gazing out to the dark, rolling plains before her. The vixen was dressed in a flowing pink princess gown, holding it tightly to her chest with her folded arms. “Oh, how I love looking out onto my land!” She said loudly, deliberately projecting her voice outward. She shivered in the wind, feeling it bite through both her clothing and her still-summer fur. She huddled up on a wall opposite of the wind. “N-nothing could ruin such an amazing night!” She said, once again in an amplified tone.

Rina regretted her clothing choice in the bitter cold. The “princess” was actually standing atop the Medieval Kingdom BBQ and Grill, hoping she hadn’t been loud enough to alert anybody inside. She had come here to live out a fantasy, though she didn’t simply desire to be a next-in-line monarch.

She watched another wall very closely, until she saw a yellow and green blur shoot up over the side! A dragon hovered in the air for just a moment, before landing in front of the vixen. “I beg to differ.” She spoke confidently, slyly, with a voice meant to strike fear into the vixen. “You see, it’s been far too long since I’ve devoured a lovely princess.” She licked her lips as she stared down the fox.

Rina stood frozen for a moment after that tease, before finally reacting. “O-oh no!” She didn’t attempt to back away. In fact, she appeared to be trying to suppress a smile. “Back away! You don’t want to know what my kingdom’s armies will do to you!” The dragon tisked and took a step closer. “They’ve never caught a dragon before, and they won’t start now. Why don’t you just come along quietly? If you do, I promise you won’t be alive when you start to digest.”

The dragon raised her arms as she took a step towards the vixen. The fox stepped to the side, shaking her head, still fighting a smirk. “No, you can’t! I’m supposed to inherit the kingdom. I’m supposed to be theeyYEOUCH!”

As she stepped backwards, she accidentally placed her paw on the metal gate guarding the restaurant’s smoking chimney. She quickly pulled it back, whimpering as she held it in her other paw.

“Are you okay!?” The dragon ran over and kneeled, gently pulling on Rina’s arm until she relented and allowed her to see the burn. She herself would look, after a moment of fear over what she’d see.

“I-it’s fine Jade... I think I pulled it away in time.” There was a red mark across her paw pads, but it didn’t look like she had done any serious damage.

The fox held her hand into the breeze for a moment, as her winged friend stood idly. “Um... Did you still want to...”

“Oh, yeah! Er... I-I’m the finest princess in the land! I can’t be digested!”

“But you can, and you will be~” The dragon easily slid back into character, and reached out to grab the vixen by the sides. She pulled the princess up against her scales, grinning down to her. The predator didn’t exactly tower over the fox, but she still had close to a foot of height on her. Rina was trying her hardest to put on a terrified look, but she was just too excited about getting to play this out! Jade didn’t seem to mind herself. She knew that her friend was trying. Besides, she always ate plenty of people that were terrified for real. It was kind of cute to see her like this!

“I won’t do the deed here though. I’ll take you back to my lair.” Her wings extended, as she turned the fox and held her back up against her belly. “Say goodbye to your kingdom, princess~” The dragon kneeled down, and with a swift leap combined with a flap of her wings, she lifted up the ground. She flapped quickly, managing to gain altitude without much difficulty despite the weight of her passenger. Rina watched as her “castle” vanished from under her, replaced by the ground that appeared increasingly far from her.

“Unhand me, beast! You don’t know what kind of power you’re messing with!” The fox suddenly started to thrash her body against Jade’s.

“Easy!” The dragon shouted abruptly, with Rina quickly complying. The fox might have been immune to perishing, but dropping her would bring a very messy and abrupt end to their fun.

“I wonder what kind of seasoning goes well with princess?” Jade asked out loud, once again returning to character. She bent her head down to slurp over the top of the vixen’s head. “Ooohh, so succulent... Perhaps just a dab of barbecue sauce.” Rina had been considerate enough to find a natural furwash that’d let her natural flavor be more apparent. The dragon also still had the smell of barbecue in her nose from the “castle.”

Their flight continued for several minutes, with a handful more teases from Jade about her prey’s impending devourment, and a few more honest attempts from Rina to disguise her excitement. Rina loved the view as much as she loved the feeling of being completely controlled like this, but the cold rushing wind made her wish for warmth even more... Tight, slimy warmth.

After several minutes of flight the two were over some well lit streets with the skyline in the distance. Jade abruptly descended, with pinpoint precision towards a particular balcony. She flapped at the last moment to slow herself, before she gracefully landed on her feet, in front of a glass sliding door. She let the fox out of her grasp, and reached to open the door.

“Welcome to my lair, snack.” The dragon said as she folded her arms over her chest.

The door lead into the kitchen, with the living room separated by a countertop. The place appeared well kept, except for the large pile of blankets and pillows in the living room that was supposed to represent Jade’s “nest”. She took Rina’s hand and lead her to the pile, before sitting her down. She smiled as she loomed over the fox, reaching down to run a finger through her robes. “Such beautiful clothing... It’d be a shame if it was destroyed along with you in my stomach!” She reached to begin sliding the robes off of Rina’s body. They were quite loosefitting and easy to remove, revealing most of the red vixen’s bare fur. As the fox sat in her black bra and panties, Jade slid the robes onto her own scaly form. They felt a little starchy for her taste, but were still a perfectly decent standin for a princess’ wardrobe considering they found them at a thrift shop.

Jade reached down to grasp the vixen by the sides of her belly, and lifted her high in the air, until her head nearly touched the ceiling. The predator touched the fox’s toes to her lips, slurping over one of her footpaws. “Now... Any last words, food?”

“You... you will face justice for this! If you unhand me now you will receive mercy, but harm me and you will have none!” The dragon laughed. “I’ve eaten more important princesses than you. Now, die!” She opened her jaws as widely as she could, letting her warm breath wash over the vixen’s still cold feetpaws. Rina looked down, shuddering softly as she got a good look at the predator’s tongue, sharp teeth, and throat. Jade’s tongue gave one lick over those toes, before she began to lower them past her lips. She pushed Rina’s feet, and then her ankles down her throat, and into her tight gullet.

Rina giggled and kicked lightly as she felt the flesh working against her sensitive pawpads. She weakly struggled against the dragon’s grip, trying to be mindful and not hurt the predator - Even though she regularly dealt with far more uncooperative prey. The esophagus kept a tight grip on the vixen’s limbs, contracting regularly to drag them deeper into the dragon’s body. Somewhere in that scaly belly, a loud, wet gurgle erupted, as though it was anticipating the treat that was being swallowed. Jade slowly pushed her prey’s knees, and thighs past her lips, until she was almost sitting in her maw.

The fox had mostly given up her weak struggles, remaining silent as she enjoyed the sensation of the gullet tightly holding her legs, kneading over them with each contraction that pulled them lower. Jade moved her hands up from her prey’s belly to the sides of her chest, though she mostly stopped pushing. Instead she allowed gravity and the muscles in her esophagus to do the work, only using her hands to guide her friend as necessary. The green scales in her middle bulged slightly as the vixen’s feet penetrated the empty stomach. She continued swallowing the girl, mindful to not scrape her teeth against her breasts as they slid down. Rina looked outside as her view was framed by Jade’s jaws and teeth, before the throat slid over her head, shrouding her in darkness.

With most of Rina’s legs in her stomach and only her arms remaining outside her body, the dragon reached up to place her fingers in Rina’s paws. They had previously agreed on a signal, where Jade would make a check by holding her paws. If Rina squeezed them, she was still aware and still consented. Otherwise, she needed to be pulled out. The fox quickly squeezed, still very much conscious and willing to be devoured.

With that Jade focused on slurping up the fox’s arms, sitting down on a blanket as she rubbed the growing bulge in her belly. Rina was completely relaxed as the gullet massaged most of her torso at once, while it slowly deposited her in the stomach. As her fingers trailed the dragon‘s lips, she knew she was just about to cross the point of no return. The predator relaxed as those wrists, and paws slowly slid down her throat.

”Wait... WAIT!”

Jade was startled when she heard the voice, and didn‘t hesitate to stuff a hand down her throat, believing her friend had suddenly changed her mind. She felt a sense of panic set in, too late to grab hold of Rina as she slid away. Once something had vanished into her body, she had no choice but to allow nature to take its course. She pulled her own hand out of her gullet, and looked down to see she had grabbed hold of a ring.

”Sorry...” Rina said. ”I completely forgot I was wearing my ring... You grabbed it, right?”

Jade sighed. ”Yeah, I got it. Now be a good girl and digest, won‘t you?”

Rina nodded silently as her head was pushed out of the gullet. Her arms soon followed, completely sealing her within the predator‘s stomach. The vixen curled up over herself, feeling the slick walls rub and churn over her. Jade in the meantime had decided to give up on the ”nest”, grabbing a pillow and blanket and dragging them back to her bedroom. She tossed them into her bed, and laid down, completely relaxing before rubbing over her stomach.

“T-thank you Jade. I know that was really silly, and kind of didn’t go as planned...”

“Don’t worry about it.” Jade said as she gave her belly a pat that its occupant could feel. “I got to eat a beautiful princess, so I can’t complain much now can I?” Rina smiled and gently squirmed in response. “Yeah, I guess you did~ I just wonder what the kingdom will do without me!”

For several minutes Rina relished in the feeling of the stomach around her, along with the various noises made by the body that was preparing to digest her. Jade continued to gently knead the bulge in her middle through the stretched robes. After some time she began to press down fairly hard into her full gut, pushing until...

Uuuuurrrrraaaahhhhhhp! The dragon let loose a loud, wet belch, that depleted her insides of almost all of the air that’d been swallowed with her friend. “I’m going to sleep now. I urge you to do the same.”

“Oh, I’m sure I will.” Rina would likely pass out before she could fall asleep. She always felt a little bit of fear when the lack of oxygen was about to take her, but knew it was the much preferred alternative to being aware whenever the dragon’s powerful stomach acid began to seep in. “Curse you, fowl beast... You have defeated me.” Rina said softly, as she began to go light headed. Jade yawned as she rubbed over middle, carefully feeling the movements of the fox within. After a couple of minutes, she felt her friend go still.

“Rina?” She asked, gently shaking her belly. “Rina, can you hear me?” Satisfied that there was no response, she would allow herself to drift off to sleep while her body did its job.

Her stomach worked diligently to break down the large lump of meat. It only took an hour for the beautiful vixen’s form to be reduced to a slurry. The liquid would be pumped down into the dragon’s intestines to be further digested and absorbed, while most of the indigestible bits remained in the stomach. Eventually those pieces would be pushed down another entrance, into Jade’s fire pit, where they could be digested into more of the gooey, flammable fuel her kind used to breathe fire. Her stomach alone was incredibly efficient at breaking down meat, but the secondary pit would break down everything that entered. Bone, fur, clothing, and even Rina’s gold ring if she hadn’t remembered it at the last second.

By the time Jade awoke the next morning, her friend had been throughly processed. Nearly all of the vixen’s mass had been either converted into fire juice or absorbed as nutrients, with only a very minute amount left over that’d have to be expelled later. She sat up and felt her almost-flat-again belly, before checking her phone. No messages, though she was sure she’d hear from Rina again soon enough.

“Quite a princess you were~” She mused, before getting up, and preparing to start her day.

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