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Housecall: Chapter One

By Foxgut

Contains: F/F Vore, Willing Prey, Object Swallowing, Endo, Implied Full Tour

This story contains a character and some illustrations by Kitnip, who was so kind enough to let me use some of his art here. Some of it's cropped and reduced res, so be sure to click the pictures to see the originals.

Marble sighed as she felt over her belly, listening as a soft, wet whine sounded from a just-visible lump underneath the white flesh. It seemed to have not moved at all over the night, even feeling slightly heavier than before. She whimpered, wondering when someone from the hospital would finally arrive.

The pink husky had an unusual digestive tract, and an unusual habit to go along with it. Her digestive tract was very tough and stretchy, and able to handle objects that would get stuck, or even rip open an average person’s insides. She loved to take advantage of this trait, and ate various indigestible objects on a daily basis – Multiple times a day even! In particular she loved feeling marbles rattle around in her stomach and intestines, but she also loved to indulge in new and unusual objects, to find out how they would feel as they passed through her digestive system. Unfortunately, something she ate had gotten stuck, and it only brought pain, and she had tried everything she could to get it unlodged.

Serephina pulled over onto the side of the curb, before double checking the address on her tablet. She also glanced over the summary of her patient one more time. “Marble – 22 year old female – Complaints of stomach cramps for the last three days, believes that something she ate may be causing intestinal blockage – Was noted to frequently eat non-food items during a previous visit for an unrelated condition...

Marble the husky.

...Patient is mute, requires the use of sign language or other non-verbal means for communication.”

Unfortunately, Serephina did not know much sign language. She was simply the only one free to make a house visit on that day. She grabbed her supply bag, and made sure her hospital ID was facing the correct way on her lanyard before heading to the door. She rang the doorbell and called out. “Marble? It’s Serephina, from the hospital.”

Marble’s ears perked as soon as she heard the chime, and the friendly voice from just beyond her door. She quickly got up off the couch and walked over to answer the door. She heard the familiar gentle clacking coming from deep within her torso, but also a twinge of pain as her insides shifted. That had actually only started that morning... When she had called, she only had the problem that things didn't seem to be moving through.

Marble opened the door and smiled softly, signing a greeting. She gave Serephina her thanks for being so prompt, before beginning to describe what had been happening to her and her gut. The nurse attempted to keep up, but she couldn't manage to understand anything other than than the rough gist of what the husky was saying. It didn't help that she was a bit distracted by the slightly lumpy appearance of her fuzzy belly. In the silence, she could've sworn she heard a soft sound of something solid bouncing around within it. She looked back up in time for her patient to stop speaking.

The husky realized that the vixen wasn't keeping up, and stopped moving her hands. “I apologize, but there was nobody available that was fluent in sign language. I know a little, but we'll mostly have to make due without it.” Marble paused, realizing that this may end up being more complicated than she hoped for. She nodded in understanding, before turning to the side and extending her arm out, welcoming the nurse into her home. “Thank you.” Serephina said as she stepped inside and past the husky. She took a look around the home, before turning back to the husky.

“You sent a message describing your symptoms earlier.” She said as she gestured to her tablet. “Was there anything else you didn't tell us, or has anything changed since then?” Marble's thought for a moment, and nodded once, signing the word “pain”. Serephina managed to understand that and nodded in turn, before looking down to her torso once again. “May I feel around it a bit?” The nurse asked as she looked up to her patient's face. Marble nodded once, and Serephina looked back down, beginning to rub across the fur.

“Let me know if your pain gets worse.” The vixen commented as she gently pressed her fingertips onto the upper right part of Marble's belly, just above her stomach. The husky watched as her fingers slowly began to trace across her belly, following the path of her intestines. She let out a soft, relaxed sigh as she got to feel over the belly. She always had an affinity for the digestive system – As a matter of fact, the nurse was still in school, training to be a gastrointeologist – Though her appreciation may have extended beyond simple medical curiosity. She tried to hide this excitement however, not wanting to come off as creepy or unprofessional.

Serephina's fingers would stop for a moment whenever they came across a small bump, pushing down in place to see if it seemed stuck or caused any pain. Satisfied, though also a little surprised that Marble didn't complain about the smaller solid objects within, she would continue tracing along. She was approaching the large and visible lump towards the bottom of the torso, and had a feeling that was where the trouble would be. Slowly and carefully, her finger traced along yet another bend in the intestines before going towards it...

The husky gasped, wincing when the nurse's fingers pushed down on the bulge! Serephina quickly took her paw off and looked back up to Marble's face. “That must be where the blockage is.” Marble nodded, still grimacing. “I'm going to feel it a bit more. You'll feel a bit more pain when I do.” The fox began to very gently feel and prod the lump. She took as much care as she could to not cause any undue pain, seeing that her patient was obviously in distress. She noted that there seemed to be several individual items bunched up within that small space. Marble winced as the vixen squeezed, trying to get the lump to move, though the attempt was unsuccessful. It seemed something was very badly wedged within her bowels, and everything else she ate was getting stuck behind it.

“It's definitely stuck.” Serephina said as she stopped putting pressure on the spot. “I don't like how bloated that part of your intestines feel either. There's only so much that can build up before, well... very serious injury occurs.” She stared at the belly for another moment, before looking back up to Marble's face. “We need to get this taken care of now. A tear in your intestines would be very bad. At best, it'd put you in the hospital for a few weeks while and need a few surgeries. Or, it could turn out... well, much worse.” She said, trying to be vague enough to not cause too much undue stress, while still getting across how serious the situation was. She reached forward to gently rub over one of her arms, trying to keep her calm as she broke the news. The husky looked a bit panicked, but looking down at the nurse's soft, caring face helped to keep her at ease.

“You have two options. First, we can get you to the hospital for surgery right now...” Marble lightly shook her head as she thought about having her insides cut open, while the nurse could clearly see the fear in her eyes. The poor husky was deathly afraid of having to go under the knife. She would rather sit here with something blocking her intestines forever than let someone open up her belly! Despite the fact that it was probably only a matter of time before the pressure became too great, and whatever was stuck inside opened her belly on its own.

She looked to Serephina, waiting to hear the second choice. “Or... I am equipped to go inside of patients, to fix things such as this without any surgery...” The husky's head tilted slightly when Serephina suggested the idea. Though she soon caught onto what she was suggesting, the vixen continued to explain.

“You see, I would be able to make myself smaller, less than one tenth of my current height and mass. Then you would send me down into your stomach... That is, you would eat me, and I'd go find the blockage. I'd clear it, and then you would, er... pass me, just like anything else you ate.” She momentarily glanced down towards Marble's rear end when she said this.

Marble was also quite hesitant to attempt to swallow a living being. It wasn't that she was concerned for herself. If anything she was a bit curious to know what it felt like to have a, fuzzy being sitting in her stomach! No, she was worried about the potential fate of whoever she ate. While her stomach couldn't digest anyone that went inside, there were still ways that someone could perish if they weren't careful. She whimpered, though didn't really offer a response to Serephina's second proposal.

“Marble, which option are you thinking about?” Serephina soon spoke up, as her fingers reached to gently, reassuringly rub under the husky's chin. She looked back up to the nurse, thinking for a moment, before holding up two fingers to indicate the second choice. It was still obvious that she was scared, however.

“Are you scared that you'll be hurt?” Serephina asked softly, letting the tips of her fingers gently trace over Marble's slightly lumpy belly while she up to her head. Marble shook her head once, still looking away.

“Hm... Are you scared that I'll be hurt?” The husky slowly turned back to face Serephina, looking into her eyes as she nodded once.

The vixen smiled sweetly to her patient, as she scooted a bit closer to her. “I appreciate your concern. It's perfectly natural to fear for someone's safety when they go into such a place.” She looked down to Marble's belly for a moment. “However, I'm trained for this. I've had plenty of experience within the digestive tracts of others as well. If you choose this option, to send me inside... I promise I will come back out unharmed.” Marble had some very deep reservations about the idea of eating another living being, but the vixen's words and soothing tone seemed to help.

“Now, the obstruction is well past your stomach. That means you won't be able to regurgitate me when I'm done.” Marble nodded once, even though the point was moot as she couldn't vomit things up at all. “I'll have to pass through, er...” A slight blush could be seen in the white streaks of fur on her face, seeming flustered by the part of the body she was talking about. “T-through your intestines, and out your anus.” She finished, trying to maintain her professional composure. “From start to finish, it typically takes anywhere between twenty and thirty hours for something-”

Marble shook her head and pointed her index finger upwards, to try and indicate that Serephina's estimate was incorrect. “Oh, do your insides take longer?” She nodded once. “Are we talking forty? Fifty?” Marble pointed up with each number the nurse said. “Sixty...? Seventy?” The husky stopped pointing and nodded when Serephina arrived close to the correct time.

“It takes about seventy hours for anything you eat to be released?” Serephina asked to confirm, before her patient nodded once more. Serephina nervously looked away for a moment. She could only bring so many supplies in with her at once. Even assuming that she wouldn't encounter any significant delays on her trip through the husky, it would be a big stretch to make her consumables last that long. With a concerned look on her face, Marble reached out to place a paw on the hesitant vixen's thigh.

“Three days. I can make that work.” She said with a soft smile, as she turned back to Marble. “Now, when I go inside, I would appreciate it if you would fast for the next few hours after, until I've gotten some way into your intestines. I want to avoid drudging through food if I can. Speaking of which, how long has it been since you last ate?” Marble thought back a moment. She did swallow a small handful of marbles over the last few hours, but it was morning when she last ate actual food. As that seemed to be what Serephina was more concerned over, she held five fingers in the air. “Five hours?” She nodded once. “Okay, that shouldn't be too much hassle.”

Serephina shifted around a bit, her blush returning when she continued on with her instructions. “Also, when you need to use the restroom, I would appreciate it if you could let me out someplace, er... dry.” Marble quickly took the hint, and nodded with a smile. Even if Serephina hadn't asked, her body produced no waste, so she could always pick a spot where she could easily retrieve the objects she swallowed without having to worry about making a mess.

Besides, it would be just plain rude to put her in a toilet!

Serephina reached into her pocket for her tiny bag of supplies, and set it down on the coffee table. She pulled out her work mobile, and sent a quick message to her boss explaining what treatment she was about to offer. She then took out a tiny looking backpack, no more than an inch long, and set it down on the couch in front of her. Finally, she would take two vials of fluid, holding one in each paw.

"I'll be a bit disoriented after I finish shrinking. It may be a minute or two before I'll signal you to go ahead and eat me." She placed one of the vials in Marble's paw. “I'll need you to keep it safe. It's what I'll need to return to my normal size. Okay?” She asked as she looked into the pink husky's eyes. The patient smiled and nodded once.

"Well, I believe I've told you everything that I need to. Do you have any other concerns?"

Marble shook her head, even though she still had a concerned look on her face. What if the vixen suffocated inside of her? What if she somehow tripped her stomach acids into kicking in? She could very easily get stuck behind some debris, or crushed by something she ate, or-

The husky's train of thought was interrupted as she felt a paw softly rubbing underneath her chin. She looked back, to see Serephina's smiling, confident face.

"This isn't the first digestive tract I've visited. And I promise you, it won't be the last." She spoke softly but surely, taking a guess at what was bothering her patient. "Just follow all of my instructions, and we'll both turn out perfectly alright. Her paw lingered on the pink husky's bottom jaw for just a moment, still gently scratching the fuzz. Between that and the vixens soft tone, Marble was mostly reassured, though still somewhat nervous about the entire situation.

Serephina held up the red vial, and unscrewed the cap. She started to raise it up to her lips, but suddenly stopped. "Oh, I nearly forgot! My clothes aren't going to shrink with me. And I'd prefer to not have to climb out of them after I'm small, so, um..." That familiar blush in the white of her face returned as she hesitated once more. "I'm going to disrobe now, if you don't mind.” Marble just smiled in response.

The vixen reached down to remove her shoes one at a time, followed by her socks. She took off her employee badge, setting it down on the coffee table. Marble tried to maintain eye contact with the nurse as she started to slide her shirt up and off, though she couldn't help but glance down to her torso for a couple of moments when she unsnapped her bra, to leave her entire torso bare. Serephina didn't particularly mind the attention however. After all, it seemed strange to be upset about such a thing, considering how intimate she was about to get with the husky!

The fox neatly folded her white shirt and set it down on the table, before setting her bra ontop. She then reached down to unbutton and unzip her pants. She lifted her legs up a bit so she could ease them off, before folding and setting them down next to her shirt. Finally she removed her last bit of clothing, sliding her panties off, and leaving herself completely nude. Blushing and looking rather flustered, the fox held out the vial once more.

“I guess we're both ready to commit then. Do you have any more questions or concerns?” Marble smiled and shook her head. The husky was even beginning to anticipate this a bit, licking her lips without realizing it! Serephina did happen to see, but pretended to not notice. “Well... Here I go.” She said as she unscrewed the cap on the container. She parted her lips, dumping all of the gooey fluid in at once, grimacing at the bitter taste as she quickly swallowed. “Bleh...” The medicine tasted horrible on her tongue, though it at least left a light, pleasant tingle behind. She could feel that tingle move down her gullet wherever it touched, and soon in her belly. She shuddered as the feeling spread throughout her entire body, while pulling her feet up to sit cross-legged on the couch. As Marble looked on, the red vixen began to shrink!

Serephina remained still in her seat, moving as little as possible while her body slowly became smaller. The sudden shift in both size and perception greatly threw her balance off, threatening to make her fall over if she attempted to move around too much. The fox started to look up at Marble's face as she fell to about half her size. Then a fourth, and an eighth... When she finally stopped decreasing in size, she was barely five inches tall! Or just about the length of one of her hands pre-shrink.

The still seated fox began to slowly stand on the cushion. She stumbled forward, still clearly disoriented from the experience. After a few moments the micro managed to begin walking forward, and kneeled down in front of her tiny backpack. She made one last check to make sure all of her supplies were there – Food, water, tool belt, and some reading material for those slower moments. Marble in the meantime began to kneel down, to get a closer look at the tiny nurse. She was careful to not move the cushions around, but her movement still made Serephina wobble a bit on her feet as she searched her bag. Satisfied that she was fully stocked, she put the belt on her waist, and slung the back over her back.

“I guess I'm ready!” She called out. Even with a raised voice at such a close distance it was a bit difficult for Marble to hear Serephina, but she was still able to understand. She sat back upright before reaching down, and setting a paw down just in front of the tiny fox. Serephina slowly climbed up onto her palm, sitting down on the soft fuzz. The husky looked at her nurse for just a moment before slowly, carefully lifting her arm back up. She held the fox just inches away from her lips and nose, smiling gently to the tiny being in her hand. “I suppose you can either put me in yourself, or let me climb in. However you'd prefer to eat me!”

After another moment Marble's lips began to part. Serephina looked down past the sharp teeth, and around the slimy green jaws, towards the pit of her throat at the very back. She shuddered when she felt and smelled a warm breath of air flow past her, biting her lip lightly in anticipation of what was to come. The hand holding her slowly started to tilt forward, allowing her to slide in feet first! Her tasty feet, legs, rump and back slowly slid across the smooth, slippery tongue. Her entire body was surrounded by the warm flesh, with her feet just barely touching the throat. “H-here I go...” She mumbled to herself with a shudder, looking down at the throat, before looking back outside one last time.

An view from near Marble's throat, looking outside of her maw and at her hand which is framed through her teeth.

When she looked out, she would see the husky's hands just past her teeth and lips moving. Marble was signing “Thank you” to the friendly nurse! It took her just a moment to recognize those words, but she smiled and gently patted the tongue when she was able to decode the message. “You're very welcome~” She responded.

Her paws moved around again, signing something else. This message seemed to puzzle Serephina a bit more. “Buy a safe...? Why would I- oooohh, BE safe!” She giggled softly. “Don't worry, I will~”

Marble closed her lips, trapping Serephina within the darkness. The tongue squished into her back, while the somewhat firmer, but still slimy upper jaw pushed into her front. She felt the appendage below begin to move around, as though it was tasting her! Serephina was hard pressed to complain about such treatment. After all, it was safer if she was well lubricated... plus, she sort of enjoyed the idea that someone might be enjoying how she tasted. She remained still and allowed Marble to do the deed, before she felt the tip of the tongue push on the back of her head.

It only took a second, but the swallow felt much longer to Serephina. First her feet vanished down into the throat, and into the tight gullet. Her ankles, shins, and thighs quickly followed. Her rump seemed to slide down just a bit slower, but the fleshy tunnel was still fully capable of taking it on. The tongue wrapped around her head as it continued to push, easing her own belly, and breasts inside. Finally she got a face-full of tight squishy flesh, as her head slid down past the tight ring of flesh. She took one last breath of mostly fresh air before her muzzle slid down, sealing her within Marble's body.

The slimy tunnel kept a tight grip on the soaked morsel, the flesh almost entirely conforming to the vixen's shapely form. There she sat unmoving, just behind the valve of the husky's throat. The peace was short lived before the tube contracted, pressing deeply into her body and rubbing as she was pushed down a few inches. She would stop again, somewhere just above Marble's cleavage and close enough for the thumping heart to gently shake her, before the gullet contracted again. Serephina bit her lip and squirmed just a bit whenever she felt the tightness, again and again, before she felt her feet press against a tight ring. She quickly pointed her toes down into the center to avoid the possibility of injury by the next squeeze. The gullet pressed once, shoving her lower half down through the sphincter. Her legs dangled in open space, moving around to attempt to feel out the bottom of the pit. With one final squeeze, the rest of Serephina's body was pushed past the ring of flesh, and into the stomach. She slid down the curved end of the fleshy sack, before coming to rest at the bottom.

Serephina lay into the gooey flesh, relaxing and taking a bit of time to adjust to her warm, gooey, humid surroundings. She could already feel some solid metallic bit brushing against her as the stomach churned, and knew she would have a tough job ahead of her. But she wouldn’t trade this sort of work for anything else. She loved exploring these places, and she loved helping others with her unique skills.

She settled down, taking a few moments to enjoy the wet sounds around her. The trip through would take around seventy hours… She could afford to relax for a few minutes before she got to work. She sighed and rubbed a hand through the chyme as it gently sloshed around her, thinking about how this would all get to be her life for the next three days.

That's it for the first chapter! Head on over to the second part to see what happens next.

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