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Preparing for Hibernation

By Foxgut

M/M vore, feral predator, unwilling prey, extended endo, full tour, scat

It was a cool, breezy morning over the farmlands, in a very flat but otherwise nondescript place out in the country. The land was largely unpopulated, with the few that did take residence usually being the owners and workers of the various plots of land. By then most were waking up and beginning to go about their duties. A simple life, but one that was enjoyed by most everyone that lived it.

Cassandra was the exception. She had only been hired as an assistant at a cow farm for a couple of days, and already resented it. It wasn't the backbreaking work that made her weary, but the smells. She had no idea that living creatures could produce odors as fowl as the cows she was tasked with caring for, among other duties. Today she would be in the milking facility again. She stood outside the large metal door, already catching a whiff of what was on the other side.

“I've gotta look for a different job...” She mumbled to herself as she slid the door open, stepping inside to be greeted by rows of the creatures, each in a pen tight enough to ensure they couldn't move and detach the tubes from their udders. The cows were also unnaturally large. Each dwarfed the vixen, no doubt the result of some shady experimentation to increase their output. The yellow kitsune's job today was at least a simple one – She had to refill each of the water troughs. After that she would get to go unload some food and supplies. No doubt they would be cripplingly heavy, but it was preferable to being in here. She wasted no time grabbing the water hose and starting down the first row, holding the sprayer in one hand and her nose in the other.

She sprayed somewhat haphazardly as she walked down the rows, her aim being thrown off as she walked without stopping. The fox didn't even notice that the sprayer nozzle was loose and leaking, before it suddenly shot off from the pressure! The metal lump landed a bit far away, behind one of the cows. Groaning, she dropped the still running hose on the ground to go retrieve it. Ducking under one of the pen's bars, and slowly scooting her way past the bovine. The silver nozzle had landed in a hole in the ground, filled with a pile of dung. She pulled the object out of the pile, but also noticed something white sticking out! She kneeled over the pit, gently prodding the strange object.

“Is... Is that a skull!? Just how the hell did that get in-” The even more disgusted kitsune was interrupted, as her face was suddenly sealed in a hot darkness! She took a breath to try and say something, but instead gagged and felt herself wanting to vomit when the stench entered her nostrils and lungs. There she stood, retching for a couple of seconds without realizing what had happened, before she figured it out.

The cow had sat on her.

“H-help! She began to shout, getting cow dung in her mouth as soon as she opened it. She flailed wildly, trying to pull herself back out of the bovine's backside. She managed to get an inch of her torso back out of the tight fleshy ring, before it clenched, sucking more of her inside. The beast's rectum was massive, even relative to its already giant size, and it contained solid and sludgy waste alike. The muck mixed into the yellow kitsune's fur as more of her body was pulled inside. She wanted to scream for help, but also to not get any more scat in her lips. The result was her making a small yelp every few seconds followed by gagging and sputtering, while her legs began to vanish into the cow's anus. Cassandra thought to spread them to try and stop her ascent into the beast's body, but it was too little too late. Within a few more seconds, her feet vanished with a sickening slurp.

Outside the cow stood unphased, even as the vixen in its bowels struggled. It slowly kneeled down to much on some of the old feed in its trough. The slop seemed normal though, not enough to explain the horrid muck that the vixen was trapped inside of, let alone that bone. The kitsune in his colon was fighting as hard as she could, but the predator hardly even felt a tickle from it. The weak whimpers couldn't be heard at all outside of his body. Even when Cassandra finally decided to scream, the sound wouldn't travel more than a few inches beyond that flesh.

Cassandra began to tire, soon giving up her struggles as she didn't seem to be making any progress in escaping anyways. The fowl muck around her was semi-solid, thick enough that she had to expend a lot of effort to move more than a few inches at a time. She could occasionally feel what she thought were the fleshy walls contract and touch her – Though that feeling may have also been more solid lumps of scat, or even some more of those bones. It was quite difficult to tell. She wasn't even quite sure which way she was facing relative to the tailhole she was shoved into. The wet, sickening gurgles of the rest of the bovine's digestive system seemed to surround her, the crap dampening and spreading the sound. If only there was some way to figure out where she came from, then she might be able to work her way back there!

As it happened, Cassandra heard a particularly loud rumble as a large bubble of air slid down the colon. Again she couldn't tell exactly where the sound came from, but she clearly heard what came next. The towering bovine lifted its tail, releasing a powerful gust of wind all at once. The fart made the chamber rumble a bit, but the fox had a renewed hope. She started to push against the thick waste, trying to turn herself around so she could get back to the tailhole.

It took nearly ten minutes for the kitsune to turn all the way around. By then she had lost her sense of direction once again, unsure of exactly where she was facing. But she pressed forward anyways, slowly struggling from one end of the filthy lower bowels to the other. It took several more minutes of wading, but she eventually hit something more solid. One of the fleshy walls! She started to feel around for a sphincter to squeeze through. She didn't end up very close to the anus, but she did manage to find something else that was very welcome – A bubble of air, large enough to fit her head into. The air may have been nothing more than unreleased cow flatulence, but it was a big step up from the almost-solid poop she had been stuck in.

“Help!” Cassandra tried shouting yet again. “This thing sat on me and I'm stuck inside! Someone get me out of this thing's reeking-ack!” The colon suddenly clenched, pushing the bubble of air away from Cassandra, and leaving her with a mouthful of waste that she was forced to swallow. The gas slid around before it noisily erupted from beneath the cow's tail. The fox spat and gagged, while she realized she hadn't actually gotten that much closer to the anus. And so she started the long process of trying to work her way to the exit once again...

It was somewhere around this time the farm owner had noticed the new girl's absence. The tall wolf went into the barn to investigate, and quickly found the running hose while noting some of the water containers were filled, but not all. She sighed, having hoped she would get a few weeks of work out of the fox before it came to this. She usually waited until her workers started to ask about their missing pay before feeding them to her animals – One of a few different methods she used to supplement the diet of her animals. She picked up the hose to finish Cassandra's job, passing right by the bovine carrying the doomed vixen in its digestive system. She was about done when she got a message on her phone, from her 'tour driver', stating that he found some people that were interested in touring her farm.

“Ohh, awesome! Guess a bunch of you all's gonna eat meat tonight~” The wolfess quickly walked out to start making preparations, not even noticing which of the cows had “eaten” her worker. Cassandra would in turn be unaware of anyone else's presence, the sounds not making it through the flesh and dung that surrounded her.

Over the next several hours, Cassandra would keep trying to find her way to the exit. She continued to lose her way however, having to rest for a while after exerting herself shoving through the nearly solid crap, and waiting for another fart to guide her again. The vixen's body was weak and sore from the constant, fruitless struggles. As she inched her way around and hit a solid wall, she felt around the flesh, looking for any difference... And at long last, she found what she was looking for! A tightly sealed pucker that was surely the exit she had been waiting for.

The vixen quickly pushed a hand through the anus. Or at least, she attempted to do so. Despite readily allowing her entire body passage, it didn't budge at all when she tried to push her fist through. Determined to make it through, Cassandra pushed with all her might. She felt it budge, by less than an inch, but she could see a glimmer of light through the muck! The fox quickly began to push her other fist through as well. Slowly her filthy hands began to emerge...

Snap! With a single clench the cow sucked all of Cassandra back inside – Leaving both of her hands mangled in the process. The vixen screamed and was quickly met with another mouthful of scat, forgetting to try and spit it out as the broken bones in her fingers and palms burned. And so ended any further attempt to escape. As the colon mixed its contents around, the fox would soon be carried away from the exit, erasing any progress she had made. The only way she would emerge from the beast's ass was when it was good and ready to poop her out, and she had no idea when that time would come. She could only wait, and wait.

It was impossible to tell exactly how much time had passed. Cassandra felt very sleepy and assumed that it was at least night time, but she would never be able to rest in such a place. The putrid stench alone ensured she would stay awake. Not to mention the pain in her broken hands, and the occasional fart that made the entire chamber rumble. She wondered if her boss had noticed her absence yet, or had just assumed she decided to quit. She wondered if her, or anybody else had passed by the creature she was stuck inside of. When her mind was coherent enough to ponder it through the smell and pain, she thought about that skull she had seen just before she was shoved into the cow's intestines. Was that what made this scat smell particularly horrible?

Eventually that last question would be answered. She heard a muffled voice nearby, though she couldn't quite make out what it was saying.

“H-hello?” Again she tried fruitlessly to keep the waste from going past her lips as she spoke, though her voice was too weak to carry far anyways. She listened to the other voice, noting it was very close. It sounded agitated, quickly turning to panicked and soon to screaming. She could finally make out some words.

“L-let me out of here!” Cassandra realized the voice was coming from inside of the creature.

A young cheetah woman screamed as she threw herself around the cow's stomach, trying to find a way out. One of the unfortunate “tourists” that had been lured to the wolf's farm, and unceremoniously knocked into one of the giant's mouths when nobody else was looking. She screeched and tried to claw at the fleshy walls, to no avail as she felt the acid beginning to soak into her flesh. The cow was obviously not used to a herbivore diet. The enzymes soon burned across her entire body, causing her flesh to be visibly damaged within minutes.

All of her screams were heard clearly by the fox in the other end of the digestive system, though Cassandra couldn't manage a response. She could only listen as the screams became louder and more pained, before becoming quieter again, and finally going silent. In all it probably took around an hour for the cheetah to perish, though it was still hard to tell how much time was passing. Cassandra could hear more of those sickening wet gurgles as the stomach broke down that digested anthro, before the mess began to drain into the predator's intestines.

The day would slowly pass by, with the well digested girl slowly moving through the cow's bowels. Her remains slowly being leeched of anything that was of use to the bovine, and creating quite a bit of gas in the process. The loud sounds of air slapping out of the tailhole became more frequent, constantly teasing Cassandra of the exit that was so close, yet impassable by her alone. The evening turned to night, and to day again, though the fox still had no way to tell. Soon she stopped thinking about that girl she heard digest so close to her...

The fox heard a squelch and rumble very close to her. She didn't think anything of it at first, having heard a similar sound every time some gas passed through the filthy chamber. But this time she heard the squelching continue on. It was hard to really feel any differences when she was covered in so much scat, but after around a minute she could tell there had been at least a small rise in the pressure.

phhhfffffrrrraaaaaaahhhp! The wet fart was similar to the ones she heard and felt rushing past before, but this time, it was followed by a noticeable shift. That new pressure was suddenly relieved again, and she could swear she heard a soft squish, somewhere outside... Followed shortly by another.

At long last, the bovine was pooping. Squishy scat inter-spaced with more semi-solid lumps of waste, and a couple of indigestables like bones and the occasional scrap of clothing, began to steadily push past his anus and into the pit below. Occasionally the flow was interrupted by more loud bursts of gas, before the beast promptly continued to empty its bowels.

Cassandra realized what was happening as the colon slowly emptied. She was finally about to escape this horrid stench-filled pit! She squirmed just a bit with excitement, as she felt her own body beginning to move, towards what she was sure would be the exit. Her head, and shoulders passed through the tight fleshy ring, thankfully without any bones being broken this time around. The vixen was thoroughly covered in poop, but she could still see a slight glimmer of light through it all. Her torso dangled out of the cow for a few moments, inching down agonizingly slowly... before with a wet slurp, her hips and legs all popped out within a couple of seconds.

The light vanished as the kitsune landed face first in the pile below, ending up buried to her belly – While the rest of her body, mostly obscured by waste, stuck out of the top. More cow poop continued to rain down upon her, ensuring she was completely buried once again. But at least she was out of that cow.

The fox began to try to dig her way out, but found herself far too weak to budge more than a couple of inches. Her broken hands would be of no use to help her dig out of the pile either. If she couldn't dig herself out, at best she could hope someone would come to clean the pile and find her...


A trap door in the bottom of the pit swung open, triggered by the weight. The pile, Cassandra and all, fell freely before landing with a splat in a massive muck filled pit, nearly the area of the barn it was under! Filled with all of the waste of each creature inside, there was no telling how long it had been building up. The pile Cassandra was trapped in ended up being very slightly denser than average. And so she began to very slowly sink to the bottom of the sea of cow scat.

Eventually the muck would start being processed into fertilizer again, as soon as the owner fixed the pulverizer – She couldn't have recognizable anthro bones showing up in the bags she sold! Cassandra's only escape would be to have her remains mixed into some bags sold to an unsuspecting customer. For now however, she would spend an untold amount of time trapped underneath the waste of a hundred freakishly large and anthro fed bovines.

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