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Elephant Tours

By Foxgut

Contains F/M Oral Vore, Feral Predator, Cub Prey, Full Tour, Scat/Disposal

It was a warm evening down at the state zoo, with a typical, busy weekend crowd gathered within. There was a huge variety of creatures on display, from the small and cute such as bunnies and otters, to the large and exotic, like the big cats and elephants. One of the zoo's main events had just concluded – The daily feeding of the lions, where a large crowd watched as a lion keeper tossed massive chunks of meat down for the felines to devour. As with most days it didn't end with the keeper almost being eaten, though it was still an impressive sight to behold.

“That was so cool!” A happy young fox cub said as he walked away from the exhibit, with his mother holding his hand. “That one piece of meat, I think it was as big as me, and he just gulped it!” Jake was about two and a half feet tall, and had a set of blue overalls over his red fur. He looked all around, trying to find something else he wanted to see up close. In the meantime the vixen let go of his hand and gave him a gentle pat on the head.

“I'm sure it could've eaten you right up. They've even eaten adults before~”

“Woah, they eat grownups? That's the coolest!” The vixen smirked as her cub continued to look around. “So where do you want to go next? I think we still have time to look at one or two more things before the zoo closes.”

“Ooohh, over there!” Jake pointed to a sign that read “ELEPHANTS”, with a small silhouette of one beside it. His mom had just grabbed his hand when he started to run in that direction, while she held on and followed close behind. They went through a narrow winding path, before coming out to a wide open area. The enclosure for the elephants was large and mostly sunk into the ground, allowing just their heads to rise up above the ground everyone was standing on. A glass barrier and railing along the edge would prevent anyone from accidentally falling in, while letting smaller kids look through to get a good view.

The fox cub did just that, running up to the glass and pressing his face against it. He was nearly at eye-level with one of the elephants as it chewed up some grass. He watched as the giant's trunk bent down to grab another bunch of it, raising it up high before parting its jaws. The child got to glimpse into the beast's wide open maw, mere feet away, before the grass was stuffed inside and chewed up. He sat watching intently as the elephant continued to eat for a couple more minutes. His mom in the meantime stood back to take some pictures of him watching, getting excited whenever he got to see past the lips. Soon the pile of food was depleted, but Jake would get to see inside one more time as the jaws opened, and a loud belch erupted from its throat! The glass the cub was watching through fogged up with the gust of humid air, before the creature began to walk away.

“That was super cool!” The cub said excitedly, standing up to begin wandering along the fence, eager to see the other elephants below. They were easily the favorite animal he had seen so far! Around the other side of the enclosure there was a small area for visitors to sit and relax with tables and a small food stand attached to a shack. There was a list of overpriced food and drink available for sale, but also a sign next to it that read “Ask me about an elephant tour!” Before the cub's mom had a chance to say anything, Jake was already standing at the counter, beaming up at the young cheetah woman behind it.

“What's an elephant tour?”

The cheetah smiled down to the child and began to reply. “It's a new thing we're trying! It's where you get to have an up close and experience with one of our elephants. Where you can learn all about them, inside and out!”

The cub turned around. “Oooohh, I wanna try! Mommy, can I go?”

“Well, I think it's too late for you to start...”

“Of course not!” The cheetah interrupted. “You're actually right on time! It starts after the zoo closes, and finishes up around when we open again.”

“Overnight? I don't know...”

“Pweeeeease mommy?” The cub said as he hugged one of her legs. “It's not like I gotta go to school tomorrow!”

“Well...” The vixen sighed, before smiling and giving Jake a pat on the head. “Alright. But only because you've been really good lately.”

“YAY! Thank you mommy!” The cub squeezed tighter before the cheetah spoke again.

“You can come pick him up when we open in the morning. We just need you to sign a few things... Regular liability stuff.” She looked behind the counter before finding a set of forms stapled together, all pre-marked with highlighter to indicate where she needed to sign. She barely gave them a glance as she flipped through and signed one paper after the other.

“Okay, let's see...” The cheetah flipped through the pages to make sure they were all properly signed. “Great! Now it's going to just be 30 for the night.” The vixen reached for her wallet and began to look through for her card. “Oh, and may I also get a bottle of water?”

“Sure! That'll be 37 dollars then.” The fox rolled her eyes as she handed over her credit card, before being handed back the card and water. She kneeled down and put her hands on her cub's shoulders.

“Now you be safe, okay? Remember to listen to what they tell you, especially when you're near the animals.”

“Okay, promise!”

The vixen hugged her child closely for a couple of seconds, just before a voice came on a nearby speaker.

“Attention patrons. The zoo will be closing in five minutes. Please begin to make your way to the nearest exit.” The fox stood back up, waving to her cub again before turning to leave.

“Bye mommy!” Jake turned to look to the cheetah again, who was already stepping out from the side. “Okay then! Looks like you're going to be the only one today, so let's get started!” She lead the cub into the sparsely decorated shack, where a few chairs were set up around a TV. She found an old VHS tape and stuck it in the nearby VCR, watching the screen come on. The worn tape was definitely older than the cub – Probably older than the cheetah as well.

“Alright, I'm just going to let you watch this while I go close my stand. Then the real fun will start!” She walked back out of the shack as the video began. A brief documentary on elephants played, explaining assorted details about their lives, range, diet, and so on, while various video clips of them in the wild played. Perhaps it would be a bit monotonous to some, but the young fox was hooked on every word as he watched the screen.

The cheetah returned several minutes later, seeing the cub fixated on the video. She stood waiting for a couple of minutes before it was over, and walked over to Jake, kneeling down and smiling. “So! Do you wanna get as close as you can to one of our elephants?”

“Y-yeah!” The cub said cheerfully as he smiled.

“Great! Now, are you allergic to peanuts?” She asked as she stepped over to a closet.

“Nuh-uh.” Jake replied, as she returned with a large, folded up brown rubber-y looking thing. She unfolded it to reveal a costume shaped like peanut!

“Go ahead and put this on, and we'll get down there.” She said as she set the costume down next to the fox. He stood up, beginning to undo his overalls, climbing out of them, and then slipping his shirt off, leaving him in only his diaper. The cheetah helped him climb into the rubber suit, zipping it up and taking a step back. She giggled as she saw that it fit perfectly, making the child look just like a giant peanut with limbs and a face!

“Alright, looking good!” The woman pulled out a spray bottle, and began to squirt around the costume. The liquid smelled strongly of peanuts – And even tasted the same, though the cub was well behaved enough to not try to lick himself while she was watching. “Come follow me, and we'll get to meet one of our elephants! You're going to get a real inside experience soon, but feel free to ask me any questions you have too.” The cheetah walked to the opposite end of the shack, opening a door to reveal a narrow wooden staircase that lead down into the enclosure. Jake followed close behind, glimpsing to the side to see one of the elephants was already very close, munching on a pile of leaves and grass.

“Oh! Um... how heavy is an elephant?” The boy asked.

“Pretty heavy! The smallest adults are around 6000 pounds, and the largest are usually around 13,000! Brenda here's a bit heavier than most though.” She said, pointing to the closest animal. “She's an African bush elephant. Supposed to be around 13, but we think she's closer to 14. She really loves to eat, even for an elephant! In the wild they spend up to four fifths of their day eating, by the way.” They reached the bottom of the stair case, and she lead the cub up to the massive creature.

“How much do they eat?”

“A lot! They eat around 350 pounds of food every single day. A cub like you would just be a light snack~ Speaking of, we actually don't feed them peanuts often. They love 'em, but it's a sort of junk food compared to the vegetation they usually eat.” The child giggled at the mention of being a snack, but didn't think it was more than a joke.

“Here, you'll want to keep this with you.” The cheetah pulled a device out of her pocket and handed it to the cub. It looked like some sort of rugged smartphone, meant to take a bit more abuse than an average one. The screen displayed an image of a cartoon elephant, and the buttons along one side switched to various internal views. Illustrating the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and of course the digestive system. On that screen a small yellow blip appeared, just outside the front of the elephant. Jake was distracted playing with the app, but quickly focused back on the elephant once the zookeeper picked him up, and sat him on the pile of food!

“Now, Brenda is one of our friendliest elephants... One of our friendliest animals in the zoo, even.” The creature stared curiously down at the excited cub. She extended her trunk out, sniffing curiously at the child, making him scoot back just a bit. “Now don't be shy. I promise she won't bite~” The cheetah reached out to gently pet the trunk. “Go ahead, give her a pet!”

The cub slowly reached out, gently rubbing over the underside of the trunk. He giggled softly, leaning in closer while she extended her trunk out so he could rub further along. “D'aw, I think she likes it~ So what else am I gonna do with- hey!”

The trunk suddenly wrapped around the middle of what looked to just be a giant peanut. It effortlessly lifted the cub up off the pile and into the air. “H-hey, this is kinda cool! What's she gonna do nex-” He was cut off as the elephant stuffed him face first into her open maw. Her mouth closed, beginning to try to chew the young cub. Her teeth were too blunt to really do any damage to the rubber suit however, and so she simply decided to swallow. Her tongue began to fold up and press against his feet, sliding his body back. The throat parted, allowing his body to begin descending into the gullet. He could hear powerful, wet gurgles below, spurred by air bubbles being shoved around with hundreds of pounds of food in varying states of digestion. Soon his entire body was trapped in the esophagus, able to feel the tight contractions through the peanut suit. He could hear, and feel the massive heart thumping nearby as he slid lower. He was slowly dragged deeper, and deeper, until he hit what felt like a solid wall, until one last squeeze pushed him through...

The child spilled out into the elephant's stomach, landing with a splash in a pile of gastric juices and half digested vegetation. True to the cheetah's word, he seemed like a small snack compared to all of the food that was being churned back and forth. There was enough room for him to sit up, even if it was hard to do so as he was sloshed around. The stomach was much more wide than tall, giving him ample room to move around. It would've been pitch black, except that phone he had been given emitted a decent amount of light from its screen, more than enough for him to make out the pink walls against the dark green goop. He held it up to look around, when he heard a familiar voice...

“Hey, uh, are you okay in there?” A noticeably less confident zookeeper said. When the cub looked surprised as he was picked up, it occurred to her that she might not have made it completely clear exactly what a “tour” consisted of. Her boss had even mentioned previously that she needed to be more careful about explaining it. She nervously waited for what the fox had to say...

“That... that was awesome!” The cheetah breathed a sigh of relief. “This is so cool! I mean, that elephants can... they can just eat people! I didn't really think he'd eat me, but I sure hope I tasted good!” The young fox giggled, and decided to try swimming in the muck. Just from one end of the stomach to the other... It was a bit hard for him to get stable however, still learning how to swim. He just ended up flailing for a few moments, but that was enough to trigger something to happen. The gut abruptly tightened, as a loud rumble traveled up the creature's esophagus. The animal opened its jaws, to let loose a powerful Uuuuurrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhp! that echoed throughout the enclosure.

“Well then! I think Brenda thought you were a good desert~” Jake heard the zookeeper say through the phone. She had already walked away from the elephant, beginning to put out food for the night as she spoke into her headset. The elephant had already begun to much on its pile of grass again, beginning to send more massive clumps down into her digestive system. The first caught the child by surprise, squishing on his head and pushing him down into the slime!

“So uh... I'm gonna stay all night?”

“That's right! The tour from start to finish usually takes an entire night.”

“Okay! Oh, but, where's the finish?”

“Well... What usually happens to the food you eat~?” She said with a slight tease in her voice.

“Oh, uh... um...” What did happen to the food he ate, he wondered? He couldn't actually think of the answer. He looked at the app again, tapping the button to make the digestive system show up. The yellow blip that was once outside of the elephant was now located right in the middle of its stomach! He started to trace the twists and turns of the bowels, until...

“I...” The boy snickered as he leaned up against one of the fleshy walls, away from the falling clumps of food. “I'm gonna come out her butt? Eww, I bet it's gonna stink!” He didn't seem too phased about the idea of being pushed out like dung, though a few seconds later he began to worry.

“Wait, so... food turns into poop... I-I'm not gonna turn into poop, am I!?”

“Oh no, of course not!” The cheetah's reassuring voice said. “Elephants are vegetarians. In the wild, and even in captivity they only eat plants. Their guts aren't very good at breaking down things made of meat like you! And just in case, that juice I sprayed you with also helps slow digestion.” She spoke confidently, but in truth it wasn't really a sure thing. They already did have one incident with a digestive system that became over-active with a kid inside...

“So, uh... how much do elephants poop?” The cub asked as he heard a loud squelch nearby, when some of the digested plant matter squeezed down into the intestines.

“Well, over 300 pounds of food goes in one end... A little bit of it is converted into energy and fat, but close to 300 pounds of waste will make it out of the anus! Most elephants defecate throughout the day, usually over a dozen times. Brenda here has always been a bit different though... She doesn't go until she has to *go*. She only does it once a day!”

The fox child snickered, loving learning these facts... Though he might not immediately realize the implications of what she said. Three hundred pounds of waste came out all at once, and he'd more than likely somewhere in the middle of it. By then the initial excitement had mostly worn off, and so he sat relaxing as the stomach churned and pushed him around. Only moving when he got a bit close to the gullet, not wanting to get rained on with more food! In the meantime the cheetah was climbing the stairs to leave the exhibit, and the zoo itself to go home for the night.

“So uh... what are all the different parts of an elephant's tummy called?”

“Oh, there are many different parts you'll get to experience! You already went through the throat, down the esophagus and into the stomach. The next part you'll experience is the intestines... You'll know when you're going through a very long tube! Next is the large intestine, or the colon. A shorter and roomier tunnel. And towards the very end is the rectum, and finally, the anus is what you'll come out of when Brenda poops you out!” The cheetah was almost to the staff lounge, and about ready to take out her earpiece and put it with the rest of the equipment.

“There's a lot more stuff you can learn by tapping stuff in the app you have. I have to go home now, so you'll be on your own. I think you should get some sleep... but I won't tell your mommy if you stay up past your bed time~” She said with a smile. “Now, is there anything else you need before I go?”

“Hm... nope!” The fox replied. “I'm gonna try to stay up to see ALL of her guts~”

“Well then, have fun! And I'll see you tomorrow.” With that the zookeeper took off her headset, leaving the cub all alone in the elephant's stomach.

The elephant had continued to munch on grass, replacing the muck in her belly about as quickly as it drained into her intestines. Jake continued to sit and relax for a little while, though he decided the peanut suit was getting a bit uncomfortable... It wasn't meant to protect him from the acid anyways, seeing as how his fur was mostly soaked underneath the rubber. He shifted around until he found the zipper, beginning to slowly work it off of himself. After about a minute he had it all the way off, letting it float away as he rested in the goo against the fleshy walls again, this time able to feel them directly over almost all of his body. He kept his diaper on... Even though it was soaked by gastric juices, he didn't want to be naked!

Jake began to look through the app again, tapping anywhere he could to pull up new tidbits of information. Along with the cartoon diagrams, there were some real photos and videos... He snickered as he found one of an elephant pooping, thinking about what he'd look like sliding out of there. He continued to look through even as the elephant finally stopped eating, sitting down to sleep for the night. It hardly made a difference to the child, as the stomach still seemed as active as ever. With no more clumps of chewed grass raining into the pit, the stomach would very slowly start to empty. Too gradually for the cub to really notice however. He stayed engrossed in the phone, before he happened to look up and shine a light around... And saw the peanut suit was almost gone! It had begun to slide through the duodenum, and only a sliver of it remained in the stomach.

The cub thought that maybe he was supposed to stay with it, and went to try and pull it back out. With the phone still in his hands he grabbed the rubber, and tried to pull! But he was too weak to break the grip of the intestines. With a wet squelch, the last of it vanished into the intestines, along with his hands! He instinctively pulled them out, floating back to the middle of the stomach... But only when faced with darkness did he realize that the phone had gotten sucked out of the stomach.

The young fox tried to swim back to the end of the stomach so he could follow, but the churning ensured that he quickly lost his sense of direction. Left in the dark with nothing to do, nowhere to try and go, and feeling a little bit tired, he decided that he should try to take a nap. He relaxed, letting himself float on his back as the belly pushed him around. The movements were surprisingly relaxing, as were the gurgles around him. He yawned and began to close his eyes... Soon the child was fast asleep, and letting out a cute snore.

The stomach continued to slowly drain the day's food into the elephant's intestines. The young cub passed close to the sphincter leading deeper into the animal's body several times while asleep, but eventually the stomach was nearly empty, and he passed by at just the right angle for a foot to become lodged. The duodenum held him in place, as his body was slowly inched downwards. Within a couple of minutes, still fast asleep, his entire body was inside of the bowels. The remainder of today's food – Perhaps around a fifth of what the elephant had eaten – would soon follow.

The child remained fast asleep as the intestines slowly inched him along, along with those hundreds of pounds of partially digested food. The grass and leaves were mostly reduced to goo, though there were still a few intact blades and leaves holding out. What wasn't solid was slowly broken down further, into the baser elements that the elephant needed to survive. A very small fraction of the food would ultimately be absorbed by the animal, while leaving behind anything it couldn't or wouldn't use – A very significant amount of waste. The process made the goop begin to smell quite terrible, though it wouldn't awaken the child still. Most of the night was spent on inching everything from one end of the digestive system to the other. It would be just before dawn when the small fox would be near the very end of the small intestines, nearly ready to enter the colon. His feet slid through the sphincter, as did his legs... Though the ring of flesh felt tight around his middle. He squirmed a bit in his sleep, before waking up.

“Eww!” He exclaimed as he smelled what was around him, squirming enough to be pushed all the way into the large intestine! His disgust was replaced by embarrassment, and then, a bit of the excitement he felt when first being eaten as he remembered just where he was.

He wished he still had the light with him to see the flesh, and digested food around him. There was still a significant amount of wet goo around him, but he also felt some dry, clay-like clumps that had been in here. Soon the rest of the sludge would be dried into a similar feeling substance... He knew it couldn't be anything other than elephant poop.

“Hehe... I'm up your butt!” The fox smirked, deciding to try exploring even though it was pitch black. He attempted to crawl forward, forgetting which way he was facing for a moment before he ran right into the sphincter he had just come through. He poked it out of curiosity, until it loosened and hit him with a small rush of more liquid. He began to turn himself around to go deeper, towards the exit. With a bit of effort he was able to twist around within the tight confines, and began moving forward. The liquid rapidly became thicker as he pushed deeper into the large intestine, before he reached a point where he couldn't move any further. His path blocked by a giant lump of solid dung, the first of many similar chunks just waiting to be evacuated from the giant animal's bowels.

The cub giggled as he thought about how close he was to the end. How he was about to get pooped out, into a massive pile! He still wanted to try and get that phone back though... He tried to push forward for another minute, but couldn't manage the strength to push past the dung in front of him. Instead he decided to go try and look behind him instead, but found he couldn't move backwards either! There wasn't that much waste behind him, but what was there had solidified enough to completely trap him in place. There was nothing he could do now, but wait to be ejected from the creature's tailhole...

It wasn't an agonizingly long wait before the elephant began to awaken. Feeling a familiar urge, but deciding to not go just yet. Around the same time the first staff had begun arriving to start preparing for the day, including the cheetah. She grabbed her earpiece and phone. “Morning, Jake~” She said into the earpiece as she began to pull up her own tracking app – Similar to the one on the phone the cub had. She saw the yellow blip show up in the very end of the digestive system, indicating the elephant was close to defecating everything she had eaten yesterday, but wasn't quite there. She got a little bit worried when she heard no response... Though she knew it was common for people to lose track of the device along the tour. Hopefully that's all the lack of response indicated...

The zookeeper headed to the elephant habitat, about ready to start her duties for the day. But first she tracked down Brenda, walking to her side and gently patting her belly. “Hey girl~ You almost ready to let your guest out?”

The cheetah wouldn't have to wait long. About a minute later the elephant decided it was about time to let everything out. The animal relaxed her tailhole, letting loose a loud gust of wind, that got the attention of the cub inside! The anus began to stretch, letting the first of many lumps of dung slide out, and land with a thump on the ground below.

The child grinned as he felt himself slowly moving. Hearing the fart, and realizing that the elephant was finally pooping. On the outside the zookeeper watched intently, for any sign of a turd that looked even a bit unusual. After all, most of the chunks of waste that came out were easily large enough for that young kid to be encased inside of. The pile of dung slowly built next to the animal's hindlegs. As it began to approach the typical size of one of the piles she could make, the zookeeper knew there couldn't be much left inside. She watched the tailhole as yet another lump of crap slid out, before there was a pause. The tailhole quivered, as though struggling a bit to push something out.

phhhffffrrrrrrrraaahhp! A huge gust of wind ripped out of the elephant's anus, carrying along with it the familiar peanut costume! Soiled and clearly empty, and floated the ground beside the pile... The phone stuck to it with dung, still displaying the app that would now show the yellow blip just outside of the elephant.

“Oh no... Not again.” She said with a sigh as she looked down. Believing the poor child to have been digested, unaware he was sitting in the elephant's rectum. The fleshy walls squeezed him tightly, before shoving his face into the tight ring of flesh. Slowly the young fox's filthy face emerged from the animal's ass. His eyes struggled to adjust to the light, but he could soon make out the large pile below him. His messy torso slid out, followed by his legs.

“Wheeeeee-*splat!*” The cub was finally freed from the elephant's bowels, only to land face first in the pile. The zookeeper looked up to see a tail and a pair of legs along with a padded rump dangling out at the top of the dung heap. Clearly in good shape, other than being in desperate need of a bath. She climbed up, grabbing hold of the fox's legs and beginning to gently tug. She freed him from the pile with a pop, tumbling back onto the ground with him on top!

“Oh, hello miss!” He said cheerfully. “That was so cool! I can't wait to tell all my friends I got eaten, and then, then... I got pooped out!” He snickered as the cheetah stood back up, setting him on the ground next to her.

“Well I'm so happy you had fun~ Do you think you learned a bit as well?”

“Yeah! But... aw, I think I slept through the small intestines... I wanna go again!” He said, beaming up with a smile.

“I'm glad~ And hey, we might be offering tours of different animals in the future too! But for now, let's get you cleaned up before your mom gets here. She might be a little more willing to let you ride again if you don't smell like elephant butt.”

“Aw, okay~ thank you for letting me go, miss!” The zookeeper grabbed the messy peanut costume and phone, carrying them with her as she lead the cub back up out of the exhibit. Wondering if there would be anybody else willing to take the tour today.

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