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Bovine Belly Bothers

By Foxgut

F/F vore, unaware macro/micro vore, bovine pred, kitsune prey, clean full tour.

Eve looked over herself in the mirror one last time, making sure her red and white fur was well groomed, and that her nurse uniform was all in order. Those hospital scrubs might not be the most flattering thing to wear, but she still made do just fine. The twenty-something vixen looked to be of average height. Her belly was slim, though she still appeared to be of a healthy weight. Though they weren't expanded to any ridiculous proportion, the curves of her bosom and hips could be seen through the slightly loose clothing. Her blood red and milky white fur was neatly groomed. Overall her appearance was somewhat modest, but still had a flawless beauty to it.

“Are you still sure you want to come with me?” The vixen asked as she looked down to the tiny kitsune on her counter. Heather tilted her head and looked up to the larger vulpine. “Uh, of course!” She was still something of an oddity to Eve. Mysterious magical powers that Eve still didn't fully grasp or understand, and a STRONG affinity for being in hot, squishy places. More than once the vixen had a kitsune sneak into her food, completely unaware until they came out the other end. Despite the sneakiness, she still very much considered her a friend. She reached down to gently take hold of the being, looping her index finger and thumb around her belly, and scooping her up into her palm.

The kitsune bore noticeably less fuzz on her body than her larger companion. Much of it was completely bare; in fact, she looked almost human, other than the fact that she was about three inches tall. And, of course, that she had nine incredibly fluffy white tails, arm and leg fur from elbow down and knee down, and piercing blue eyes without pupils. Top it off with copper-esque colored hair and she was pretty, if nothing else! Eve smiled softly to her, admiring her form for just a moment before she slowly eased her down into her cleavage. “There, that should keep you warm enough.” Heather humphed as she wiggled around in-between the soft, fuzzy mounds. She wanted to be carried around someplace a bit more inside. This was the compromise. “...Gonna zap you in the boob or squirm or something isn't warm enough grmble grr...”

Eve adjusted her shirt, feeling the 'sune between her breasts, before she began to set out for work.

“Bweh.” Eve was busy typing when she heard that sound from her chest yet again. She got out another form scrawled with nearly incomprehensible handwriting, and started to enter it into the computer. “I warned you it'd be boring.” Eve said as she squinted at the sheet, focusing hard to make sure she got the barely legible information right. She had been clear to Heather from the start that during slow days she was often stuck here doing data entry.

“I knoow.” She stretched out as best as she could in that tight space. “It'd be a lot less boring if you let me watch you work from the inside! Your belly's been grumbling for an hour now!” Eve smirked and sighed. “Alright, alright. If that's what you're really after, I guess I can-” She paused when she heard her pager beep, pulling it out to look at the message. “Oh, triage needed! I gotta go take care of that. Maybe it'll be a bit more exciting for you~” She heard a grumble from inside her chest, from a kitsune that yet wouldn't get to fill her belly.

The fox headed out of the isolated room and down the hall to the room indicated on her pager. She walked in to see her patient, a large cow girl. She easily had a foot of height over the vixen, and quite a girth. She did seem to be of roughly average build for a bovine, however. Eve took the clipboard left behind for her and began to read from it.

“Hello, Daisy, I'm Eve. I'll be checking you out before handing you over to the doctor.” She walked to her side, putting the cuff of the blood pressure monitor on her arm. “Under the tongue.” She said as she brought the probe of the thermometer up, and slid it past her lips. While the machines worked, she looked over the other information. “Hm...” Once the machine read out her temperature and blood pressure, Eve removed the instruments.

“It says here you accidentally swallowed something metal a couple days ago. Is that correct?” Daisy nodded. “Yeah. I was, er... just playing with it, and it fell down my throat...” Eve had seen and heard enough embarrassing incidents that she knew the cow was probably lying about it being an accident, but didn't say anything about it. “I assume you've tried regurgitating it?” She asked as she looked down at the slightly bulging gut.

“Yeah, I have. But it was sitting in me long enough that I think it slid down into another stomach.” She realized she just blew her lie about it being an accident by admitting she waited, but Eve paid no mind to it. “You said it was a couple days. Do you think it could've passed through by now?” Daisy shook her head. “Nuh, I've been checking. It definitely hasn't come out... and I can still feel it in me.”

“Show me where.” The cow pointed to an area around the upper left portion of her belly. Eve rested a paw on it, beginning to gently knead and feel around. “Mm... Yeah, I can feel something solid around there.. I think it's in your reticulum.” She rubbed a bit along the solid mass. “Have you felt any pain?” Daisy shook her head once. “Any trouble with food you've eaten not passing through?” Again, her head shook.

Eve smiled as she took her hand off the belly. “Well it seems like it's lodged in a harmless place then. It's not terribly uncommon for ruminants to accumulate a few indigestibles over their lifetime. The doctor will probably give you an X-ray just to be safe, but I think you'll be just fine.” Eve said as she turned back to head out of the room.

“O-oh, well, um... I'd really like to get it out of me still.” Eve turned her head around. “Unless we can find that it's likely to cause a problem, there's no need.” The cow let out a soft whimper. Eve stepped closer as she heard it, looking concerned. “What's the matter? Is it hurting now?”

“N-no, it's just...” She looked away. “The thing I swallowed, it was a pendant. It really means a lot to me, and, well... Are you sure they can't just get it out of me?” Eve bit her lip for a moment, as she looked down to the belly once again. “Oh... Well. You could talk to the doctor more about it, but I think the only way to get it out would be an invasive surgery. I don't even think this facility would do it if your complication isn't risking your health in any way.” The cow seemed noticeably flustered. “Are you sure there's no other way?” Eve was about to respond, when she felt a wiggle within her chest. Heather had overheard the conversation, and had her own idea about how to help.

Eve thought for a couple moments before responding as she thought about what to do. “Well...” She began as she adjusted her shirt. “There is one other thing. It's a different sort of treatment, something you take orally. It should be able to help get anything lodged from your belly. I've never actually tried it before though.”

“Yes, I'll do it, whatever it is!” The vixen smiled softly to her. “Okay. This'll be real painless. Just close your eyes and open your lips. I'm going to put something in for you to swallow.” Daisy wasn't sure why the nurse wanted her to close her eyes, but she wasn't in the mood to question it. She shut her eyes tightly, and opened her maw wide. Eve took the chance to reach into her cleavage, and pull out her friend.

Heather blinked as her eyes adjusted to the light, glancing at the open mouth behind her, and back to the vixen's face. She had a curious look, about to whisper and ask if her friend wanted to go through with helping the distressed bovine. But having heard the two talking before, the kitsune had already made up her mind. She gave Eve a quick noddle, signaling that she was ready and willing to take the plunge. The nurse smiled back to her, and started to move her towards those lips.

“This may feel a bit odd in your mouth, but I assure you it will be easy to swallow. Just gulp as soon as I have it all the way in!” Eve slid Heather past Daisy's wet lips and onto the tongue, on her belly, and facing the throat. The cow shut her lips, seeming to take a moment to lick over the unexpectedly well tasting medicine, before swallowing as she was told. With one swift movement of the large, flat tongue, she pushed the morsel down her throat, and into her esophagus. A small lump showed up in her neck, that quickly vanished into her chest.

“Ahh... That wasn't so bad.” Daisy licked her lips a bit, still tasting a hint of peach on them. “Do you really think it'll help?” She reached up to gently rub her own belly. Eve's hand rested on top of hers, also feeling the soft gut. “It's never failed before. Just give it time to work.” She replied, looking down to where her friend would be, before glancing back up to the cow's face with a smile.

The muscles in the gullet squeezed and contracted around the lump of living meat, kneading over nearly every inch of the morsel as she was pulled deeper towards the first stomach. Heather idly squirmed against the flesh, seeming happy with her slimy full body massage. Helping someone may have been its own reward, buuuut those rubs really sweetened the deal! With one contraction of the tube, she felt herself pushed up against a tight sphincter. With another, she was pushed through. One single tight rub by the ring of flesh over her entire body, as she slid past and into the bovine's stomach.

Heather slid down past another flap of flesh that lead to the cow's second stomach, and over a very rounded, almost spherical bulge where the third was situated. A thick mat of buoyant, partially digested plant fibers could be seen covering a pool of more well digested, less viscous food and slime. Heather slid right into the mat with a plop, breaking through and sinking to the bottom. She touched the bumpy flesh for a moment, quickly glancing around for any sign of the metal object. Not surprisingly, she didn't see it, and knew it was probably in the reticulum just like Eve said. She sat on the small fingertip-like bumps, feeling them gently touch her backside, before she started to swim back up. The kitsune was too dense to float in the liquid, but not too heavy to climb atop and sit on the surface of partially digested, partially solid food.

With one failed attempt, Heather ended up breaking through the mat, and falling into the goop again! When she surfaced once again, she managed to find a solid enough place to sit and get her bearings. The rumen was by far the largest stomach of the bovine digestive tract, and much larger than that of any similarly sized anthro. The three inch tall kitsune could probably just touch the ceiling of the chamber if she tried! The stomach churned and squeezed, but the walls didn't really come close to touching her. Ripples of slime moved below her, not breaking the delicate surface of grass bits.

Eve had moved her hand off that of the cow's, gently stroking over the chubby belly for a moment, before taking it away. “Now, your pendant will have to pass all the way through your system, so it'll still be a day or so before you get it back.”

“You don't think the acid will hurt it by then, will you?”

Eve shook her head. “I'm certain it'll be fine. There's very little real acid before your abomasum, your last stomach. And even in there I doubt there's enough in there to do any damage.” She gave the gut one last pat, before beginning to help her up off the exam table. “You may want to give it a quick rinse when it comes out, but it'll be in just as good condition as it was before.” Daisy nodded as she stood tall, towering over the average-height vixen by several inches. “Thank you, Eve.”

“Just remember... what I did isn't exactly approved treatment. You'll be completely safe, but, I would appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone. I mean... if something goes wrong, don't let me stop you from seeking treatment. But nothing will go wrong.” Daisy nodded. “Sure thing. It's been nice, but hopefully I won't be seeing you later~!” Eve stole one last glance at the bovine's gut as she started to head for the exit.

Heather found she could slowly scoot across the thick cud if she was careful enough. She didn't particularly mind sitting in the liquid, but this was a fun challenge! She was trying to reach the ledge in the rumen that sat just below the esophagus's exit, and the reticulum's entrance. The kitsune knew she should go on and get the cow's pendant sooner rather than later. Probably. Maybe. But, she was having fun in this part of the cow. If she could just manage to get to that slimy ledge...

When Daisy started to walk, the thin layer of grassy bits was disturbed enough that the kitsune fell right in again! Her body was completely submerged once again. This time she allowed herself to sink, laying on the bottom of the belly to feel the soft bumps massage her back. They very gently rubbed and moved her about, as they stirred up tiny bits of pulp that had fallen to the bottom of the stomach. It was very different from the relatively slick and smooth stomach walls she had been used to. Though the rumen itself didn't regularly churn as much as an ordinary stomach, the bumps seemed to rub her much more.

Among her many powers to help her survive and be comfortable in a digestive tract, she didn't actually have to breathe for long periods of times, if ever! Again there was no sign of the pendant, but she did spy a couple of odd objects, mostly denser ones. A few coins, a few marbles, and a flash drive. There was also something tucked down into a corner. It looked too small to be the pendant, but it also looked shiny underneath a coat of solidified grassy bits. She reached down to tug it out, and discovered it was a ring! Lots of small bits of pulp were heavily caked onto the metal band, indicating that it had apparently been in the gut for a long time. She wiped away some of the gunk to reveal the shiny gold below it. Daisy would probably be really excited to get it back, she figured!

As the minutes ticked on, Heather cleaned off the rest of the ring. She tried to slip it over her legs, to wear it like a belt, but found it was a bit too small. Instead she kept it under one arm, intending to carry it the rest of the way through the cow, along with the pendant whenever she found it. There was a lot of liquid in the stomach already, and it didn't take long for Daisy to start adding more material. Shortly after leaving the hospital, she had started on a big bundle of grass from the nearest herbivore-friendly fast food place. Slimy chunks of chewed grass added onto the layer of cud, as it very slowly broke down, releasing more gas into the gut. At some point the kitsune decided to climb atop the solid-ish layer once more. She quickly scooted over to the round ledge, sitting down and watching over the rest of the rumen. It was quite peaceful, watching the liquid slowly churn around.

Without any warning stomach contracted hard, enough to break up the mat of grass! Heather slid off the ledge and through the grassy bits, being mixed around with the rest of the stomach's contents. The chamber tightened, raising the pressure enough to make the kitsune's ears pop before the air started to drain up into the gullet. The walls rapidly closed in on the food they contained, until there was barely any air left. The tightening didn't stop there, as globs of partially digested food started to slide back up the tight tunnel! The kitsune floated near the top before being shoved back into the esophagus. Instead of muscles within it contracting to move her, she was propelled upwards by the pressure below shoving more cud back up. She idly squirmed against the tight embrace of the flesh once again, just as she had done on her trip down. With all this extra rubbing, maybe she could get used to a cow's innards.

Urrrrp! Daisy stopped as a rather large bubble of air traveled up her gullet, and out her maw as quietly as she could manage. She briefly glanced around, to see if anyone was watching. Being as discrete as she could, she waited for her cud to slide back up into her throat, to be re-chewed. She held her lips tightly shut as a large slimy glob slid into her maw, and began to idly chew. She paused when she felt something smooth, and a bit fuzzy... and peachy tasting? That was whatever Eve fed her! There must have been a reason she didn't want it to be chewed up, so she didn't try. She shifted the small object around her maw, as she chewed up some of the solid plant bits, before swallowing it down with a loud gulp!

The kitsune wasn't nervous about being chewed on. Her body could easily handle anything a digestive tract could throw at her, all the way from this end to the other! Her tasty body slid along with the slimy grass bits, still occasionally landing in between the teeth despite Daisy's efforts to avoid it. When the pulp was more finely ground down into a slimy paste, the large flat tongue would push the mess back down into the throat. Once again Heather was left to be slowly squeezed down with another full body massage, as the muscles in the tube pressed into every part of her, easing her back towards the rumen.

The slightly better chewed grassy slime eased back into the chamber, splattering down into the liquid below. The stream stopped for a moment, before Heather was spat back out of the sphincter, and plopped down into the goo. When she resurfaced she would find the mat had vanished, the remaining pulp now evenly mixed into the liquid. The stomach had not regrown, having just expelled most of the gas keeping it inflated. In due time the digestive process would start creating gas to fill it once again. For now the small kitsune was treading liquid, toes barely able to touch the bottom, with the ceiling of the stomach just barely above her head.

The small kitsune looked ahead to see the sphincter leading to the gullet, a tiny amount of slime still dripping out of it. She spied another hole just below it, near the seat of the ledge she had been on before, that was now submerged. She waded through the liquid to get a closer look, and dipped her head below the surface of the liquid to see if she could just get a peak inside. The ring of flesh wasn't very tight; Even with a flap of flesh covering it, it was hardly strong enough to keep any foodstuffs secure on either side of it, as Heather was about to find out. With her face just an inch away she saw it twitch. She prepared to be sucked inside, forgetting that cow guts didn't always move things forward! The reticulum contracted, and sprayed digestive slime back up into the rumen! Heather was shoved back into the opposite side of the stomach by the force of the flow, squishing into the flesh softly. Daisy got excited when she felt a solid lump of something bump the side of her belly. That must have been her pendant moving around! Whatever Eve fed her, it seemed to be doing its job.

The kitsune shook her head as she recovered from that spurt of gooey liquid. The cow's guts would have to do better than that if they wanted to keep her in place! She waded through the stomach, pushing around the mat of solid fibers that had begun to reform along the top of the pool. She submerged herself, squatting down to get to eye level with the just slightly tight flesh guarding the next chamber in Daisy's gut. This time she noticed it twitch, and started to brace herself so she wouldn't get blown back.

Heather had noticed that the reticulum tended to move things back into the rumen a lot, though she had forgotten that the main direction for food to move as down! She would barely notice the pressure rise once again before the ring of flesh gave way! The kitsune was sucked forward, gliding through into the second stomach with very little resistance. The flap of flesh closed behind her, as she settled into the narrow, long chamber. Standing neck-deep in slime, she leaned against one side of the chamber and took a look around.

The second stomach seemed quite similar to the first. A different shape and much smaller size, but with those familiar honeycomb-like walls, and similarly composed contents, minus a lot of the larger solid chunks and some of the coarser pulp. There were a handful of small objects scattered around that Daisy had inadvertently swallowed over the years. A pencap, a few coins, and several tiny bits of plastic and metal that couldn't really be identified. Unfortunately, she couldn't find any sign of the pendant. Figuring she'd relax for a minute, she started to sit down. She could just manage to do so within the narrow chamber, she figured. She started to ease herself down, before resting her butt on the floor of the reticulum. It felt a bit odd to her, much harder than rest of the cow's insides. She looked down, and realized she was sitting on Daisy's pendant!

The kitsune shifted around, stretching the sack of flesh a bit as she got it up and into her lap. A beautiful and well rounded teardrop shaped piece of gold, with a sapphire embedded near the top, and a small chain attached to a hook in the top. It was easy to see why the cow was so concerned about it! Luckily it seemed to be in pristine condition, completely unaffected by the gastric juices as Eve had promised. She settled in, and began to string the ring around the pendant's chain, to keep the two objects together. She noticed that she was leaning her head against the sphincter leading to the omasum, Daisy's third stomach. She wasn't quite ready to move on, but maybe she could just take a look inside. She slowly started to shift around...

The reticulum suddenly contracted tightly. She was pushed upward with a flow of the gooey soup, not into the third chamber, but back into the first! A bit more liquid flowed back in, the two stomachs mixing with each other. Heather floated to the top, poking up through the thick mat of cud that had fully reformed since the cow last regurgitated something. The larger chamber was also churning hard around its liquid contents, as well as the large pocket of air that had been produced from the plant material breaking down. Daisy's esophagus groaned as gas was pushed into it, shortly followed by a lump of grassy material, and Heather herself. It all moved steadily up the tunnel, back towards the cow's mouth.

Brrrraaaaahhp! Now that Daisy was in the privacy of her home, she made no attempt to stifle the sounds of her body. She barely took note her gut contracting and starting to send more cud back up now that there was no reason to be self conscious. She just kept idly typing to her friends as a big gooey lump of grass slid up her esophagus. She instinctively started to chew as the mess slid past her throat and onto her tongue, not seeming to notice anything large and solid. That thing she swallowed was definitely somewhere deeper in her body, she thought.

Heather was actually very much in the beginning of Daisy's digestive tract. She had been carried up some ways, but not back out into the maw. She squirmed a bit, to get a peek through the throat. She could spot a bit of bright light from the outside, past the cow's teeth. The kitsune thought about saying something to surprise her host, but she wouldn't get the chance!

Daisy felt something stuck in her throat, and swallowed to try and clear it. Heather saw the tongue folding back, and the mound of greenish muck moving towards her just before it pushed her back! She got a face full of the cud as it shoved her back down into the gullet, getting mixed somewhere in the middle of it as the tube squeezed and shoved her back down. Once again she was pushed past the sphincter leading into the rumen, landing with a soft splash in the mostly digested grass. She resurfaced, brushing some of the sticky goop off off of her body as the rest of the cow's food started to settle.

Heather wondered what would happen if she got regurgitated again. Surely the cow was beginning to notice something was off! If she got spat out, she might not ever get back in to finish her exploration... and to get the cow's valuables out, of course. She waded over to the flap of flesh separating the first two chambers, and quickly started to ease herself inside. With one small push, she was able to get her body in! She landed upside down, without enough room to really move her body. Perhaps she didn't think her entrance through all the way. Rather than wait to be expelled into either connected stomach, or remain indefinitely like those pieces of jewelry, she squirmed to slowly get herself facing up again. Daisy noticed an odd feeling in her gut, and gently patted it. “Ooohh I hope that vixen knew what she was doing...”

With a lot of effort, Heather was right side up again! She grabbed hold of the pendant, lifting it up near her head. She spotted the entrance to the omasum. A much tighter sphincter protected it. Once something was past it, it certainly wouldn't be coming out of the cow until it reached her rear end. She slowly started to slide the pendant inside, deciding to start with the broad but round end instead of the chain with a ring tied into it. She shifted it around a lot as she slowly stretched the band of flesh, bit by bit, sliding it in. Once the widest point had passed through, the rest of the lump of metal was easily pulled in by the force of the closing muscle. After that she simply had to push the ring, and the rest of the chain inside.

The kitsune felt a random squeeze by the reticulum. It was probably just a random churn and not a sign that it was getting ready to mix anything, but it kept her focused on leaving before she could be brought back up the esophagus again. She started to push a hand, and then an arm into the hole. She found it much tighter than the flap of flesh she had passed through a few times, actually built to keep food in its place. Once she was in to her shoulder, she slid the other arm inside. She slowly moved her arms to stretch the sphincter open, before pushing her head into the third stomach.

The inside of the omasum was completely different from the first two chambers. Gone were the mostly flat but honeycomb imprinted walls, replaced with numerous large but thin folds of flesh, each a couple inches deep, attached to nearly perfect sphere of a stomach. The kitsune reached down into the folds to get a grip, and pull the rest of her body past the tight fleshy ring. It was quite easy to find enough grip to do so, in part thanks to the relative dryness found near the bottom of the folds. She paused for a moment as her hips started to slide through. By this point the sphincter was trying to coax her body the rest of the way through, gently kneading at her even as she held firm. The rubbing felt very nice along there, but soon she pulled her arms out of the folds, giving no resistance as the rest of her was guided in. After a few moments, her entire body was resting inside of the third chamber of the ruminant. Arched quite a bit by the round, leafy bottom, she laid back and took a look around.

This stomach looked something like an inside-out head of cabbage. Round, with numerous thin leafy walls surrounding a hollow center. She had trouble staying still, the stomach walls below her constantly wobbling from side to side as she sat on it. The thin folds weren't really meant to stand up to this much weight. Heather wiggled a bit, until she managed to slide most of her body down into a larger fold, and her limbs down into a couple of other pockets. Lumbar support really left something to be desired in this part of the cow, but the bumpy leaves rubbing, kneading against her felt absolutely amazing. Heather found herself rolling around quite a bit, trying to give every part of her body a chance to be caressed by the soft and delicate, yet plenty firm leaves. It was difficult to get every part of her body into a position to feel the caress of the walls at once, but the chamber was cozy enough that with only a bit of movement, she could feel the gentle and unique touch anywhere she wanted.

Heather felt around and found the pendant partially tucked into a fold, tugging on the chain to pull it out, and up onto her chest. She held it up above her now that she had enough room to do so, taking a full look at the beautiful piece of jewelry. It seemed obvious why it was so precious to Daisy. If it had belonged to her, she might be tempted to keep it tucked away inside of her for safe keeping. She wouldn't judge the cow's choice of where she wanted her belongings though. If she was tasked with getting the lump of metal through and out the other end, she would do exactly that. She wiggled around on the unstable flesh, trying to get comfortable again.

The feel of the omasum was certainly unique, but Heather wasn't so sure it was her favorite. The subpar lumbar support really left something to be desired, and it was impossible to really lay back and relax when she had to constantly shift around to stay stable. The bumpy flesh within the various pits did feel good whenever they touched part of her body, but it was hard to avoid the rougher dryness near the outer walls of the stomach. She had spent less time in here than in either of the previous two stomachs, but she already thought that it might be time to move on.

The kitsune started to turn herself around, so she could look for the entrance to the final stomach. She found it was easy to move, but difficult to move in the direction she wanted to. One small motion in the wrong direction, and whatever limbs were supporting her would slide down into the folds. She figured out that the best way to get around was to keep her arms inside the pits, and drag her body across the slimy, flexible surface. After digging down into a few places, her arms slid past the bumpy surface for her hands to land in a particularly deep pit, that felt wet and slimy instead of unusually dry at the bottom. She figured that must be where to go to continue on through the cow. The kitsune started to try to pull herself downward, finding it very difficult since she could just barely reach the sphincter, and there wasn't anything else to find a grip on. After trying a few times, she gave up. She could just wait for the chamber to naturally push her on, and keep on dealing with the wobbly surface until then, or she could try using something else.

Heather took hold of the pendant, holding its chain as she dropped it down into the fold. With a bit of pushing, she was able to get it to slide down into the fourth stomach! She kept a tight hold on the chain, and started to pull it back up towards herself. The sphincter seperating the two stomachs was reluctant to give way to let the object back through, the kitsune instead pulling herself down a bit. She smiled when she realized her plan was going to work, to use the pendant as an anchor of sorts. Very slowly and carefully she started to pull herself down towards the exit. When she had gotten a couple inches deeper, she once again tried to push her hands and arms down past the ring of flesh. This time she got them through! She let the pendant slide down inside, as she started to pull her body through into the fourth stomach.

Heather wiggled a bit as her body was squeezed tightly by the small passage. She slid down head first for a couple inches until she was laying down in the abomasum, the cow's final, “true” stomach. The chamber was very familiar to her, almost identical to the stomachs found in most other mammals. Slippery, slick, just slightly wrinkly walls gently churned and rubbed over her back and rump. The end of the stomach leading to the duodenum was lengthened and shaped sharply upward, but the rest of the chamber was otherwise the same as in any other stomach. A pool of half digested grass, now a watery slime with no pulp or solid bits left was enough to nearly submerge her, before she sat back upright, turning around so her back was against the end she just entered through. A noticeable acidic smell filled the air – Before this point there had been no acid involved in digesting all that plant material. Only the constant regurgitation and re-chewing had been responsible for breaking food down so far.

The small kitsune relaxed, laying back against the slightly wrinkly flesh, letting it caress her back as it churned around her. It had been fun to explore the rest of the ruminant's upper digestive tract, but she felt relieved to be in more familiar territory. There may not have been anything new to see, though that just meant she had no excuses to not close her eyes, and relax as she felt the squishy stomach walls move her back and forth, for the moment unconcerned with more exploration. She listened to the gurgling of the intestines below, mixing with the sounds of fluid sloshing around in the chambers above.

The small morsel noticed another sound adding to those. A low rumble could be heard as the rumen started to contract, pushing its partially chewed contents up the gullet yet again. Daisy, sure that nobody around would hear her, unapologeticly letting out a large, wet belch that shook her belly around a bit! She started to chew her cud as she patted her gut, completely unaware that there was a kitsune nearby that could hear that, and experience everything else her digestive tract did to its food. She swallowed the grassy sludge down, yawning as she decided she should get to bed. Hopefully her pendant would be ready to come out in the morning. She spent a few minutes getting ready to sleep. Getting her clothes off, and brushing her teeth clean of all the bits of grass left over from eating and regurgitating. Soon enough, she started to get into bed and lay down.

Heather was mostly content to allow the stomach to do as it pleased, sloshing her back and forth as it tried to digest her with all the other food. She did find herself trying to avoid staying under the entrance to the stomach however, as having chunks of liquified plant matter plopping down on her head stopped being funny after a while. She laid back, feeling the slimy walls below the pool of slime gently caress her form, touching every part of the back of her, from her neck, down to her butt, and to her ankles. She had settled down, relaxing in the soft, warm, relatively calm chamber. She wouldn't mind just relaxing here forever, almost in a meditative state... She quickly snapped back to reality when the cow laid down, tossing the stomach onto its side, sending her down onto the new floor with a yelp! She grumbled as she sat back up, finding herself sitting on one side of the belly. She looked up, unsure if she was facing the entrance or the exit.

As she stared upward, a chunk of slime slid through, landing with a plop on her face. … yyyyep, that was definitely the entrance.

After being shaken up by that sudden movement, the next few hours of Heather's stay would be fairly uneventful. The same sounds could be heard above and below, including the occasional belching and regurgitation. The cow didn't move very much in her sleep, and tended to move slowly when she did. The slime around her changed consistency as the acids broke the liquid grass down into its baser elements, though she appeared to be untouched. Kitsune magic certainly went a long way in making a digestive tract more survivable, though part of it was likely thanks to the cow's insides being utterly unprepared to process meat. At some point the stomach began to squeeze over her body, ushering both her and the rest of the food towards the bend and the duodenum. She held the pendant to her chest, giving no resistance as her feet, and legs started to slide into the tight tunnel. They were already squeezed fairly tightly before her toes touched another sphincter. The stomach seemed to have a bit of trouble pushing her through at first, but she began to enter just fine when she pointed her feet down to slide through it easier.

The cow was currently laying on her back, meaning that there weren't really any sharp upward or downward curves she had to be worked through. The intestine got a tight hold on her lower body, pulling, rubbing over her legs and hips as the rest of her was pushed inside. There was a bit of a snag caused by the pendant held over her belly, but with a bit of careful wiggling, she got it through. Before long her head slid past the duodenum, leaving her body entirely sealed within Daisy's bowels. The trip through would be a relatively short one, thanks to the shorter length of the small intestine that accommodated the much larger than average stomach chambers above. Still, it would probably at least be morning before she was out of the bovine.

The feel of the intestines over her body was very similar to the feel of the gullet. A slow, tight yet gentle guidance forward and downward, over nearly every inch of her body. The rubbing was noticeably absent from her chest and belly, since that big lump of metal was in the way. She decided to just hold onto the chain and let the rest trail behind her, so she could feel the warm embrace over her entire body. The cow would sometimes shift or turn, changing her sense of direction quite a bit. The bowels always held her firm however, never letting her slip forward or behind where they wanted her to be.

Quite a bit of digested food had slid down with her, but it all seemed to be vanishing. Heather never really liked the idea of the lower parts of a digestive tract she went through being messy and smelly, but luckily she had the power to do something about it. As the hours ticked on, all the digested material around her would vanish. Perhaps banished to an alternate dimension, or just all absorbed into the villi. She never really bothered to say a word about exactly how or why she could do that. There was still plenty of gastric slime surrounding her however. Lubrication was important!

As with the stomach, her trip into the small intestine was again fairly uneventful. The constant pleasant sensation of the tunnel holding her was always nice, enough to make her lose track of time even. Sometimes she'd have to idly wiggle a bit to make sure her or the pendant got through a particularly tight bend, but she never had to focus or put enough effort in to break her feeling of zen. She felt that she would be perfectly content if the intestines never ended, just leaving her to feel the gentle embrace forever.

The kitsune felt herself come to another brief pause. She idly, almost subconsciously wiggled to get herself through another bend. This time, she felt the walls around her loosen, and she slowly dropped down. She realized that she must be entering the cow's large intestine, her colon. She yawned and stretched, realizing she must be close to the end! She waited for the muscles within to drag her deeper. Waited, and waited... only she started to notice that there wasn't any noticeable force on her. She started to feel downward to push herself further, only to find there wasn't any way to descend further. She felt around for anything besides the entrance she slid through, finding absolutely nothing except for what looked like an old key.

She soon realized that this wasn't the large intestine, but was instead the cecum. Instead of just being another segment of the colon like in most animals, it was a long, somewhat large pouch that split off from the rest of the intestine, and had mostly lost its function – Not unlike the appendix in some humanoid beings. She started to climb back up the way she came, deciding to leave the key behind as it appeared to not be doing any damage. Holding the pendant's chain tightly, she slid back into the intestine, and this time started to slide into the entrance to the colon.

With some effort, Heather was able to pull herself all the way inside, starting her on the final leg of her journey through Daisy. The large intestines were noticeably looser, not holding her as snugly as the small intestines. They were still strong enough to pull her through, even as Daisy began to stir in her sleep. The cow awoke, after a good night's rest. She sat up, yawning and stretching, before looking down at her belly. Heather might have been fairly close to the exit, but not close enough for her to feel the urge to go just yet.

The kitsune noticed that the shape of the colon was rather rounded compared to some other digestive tracts she'd been through. Instead of there being a few fairly sharp right angles, the whole organ was more or less circle shaped. Even on the upward curve the muscles pulled her along with little effort, never letting her sink back the way she came. Despite being covered head to toe in slime, she also did not slip through the downward curve any faster than she had been carried up before. She could hear and feel Daisy starting to go about her day, especially as she heard water droplets hitting the belly when she took a shower. The minutes ticked on as slowly but surely, she approached the cow's behind. She started to ease into the very last bend before the rectum. Her host would surely be feeling the urge to relieve herself soon enough.

Heather laid on her back, her body conforming to the gentle down facing arch of the sigmoid colon. She wiggled forward a bit and turned her head, glancing down into the rectum to see the last few inches of the cow's digestive tract, and the sphincter hat stood between her and the outside world. For now she just relaxed in the tight flesh and enjoyed her final minutes in Daisy's body. The bowels continued to push her forward, slowly twisting her past the final tight bend. Around the time her belly went over the edge, gravity simply pulled the rest of her forward in one quick squelch.

Daisy had been sitting idly at her desk on the computer when she felt the urge to relieve herself. She was nervous about what she would see. What if her precious pendant had been ruined by her stomach acids? What if the vixen's treatment didn't work at all, and it was still stuck inside? She slowly eased out of her chair, and walked towards the bathroom. The kitsune in her rectum shifted around a bit, feeling the muscles try to press her past the ring of flesh already. She got a tight hold on the end of the gold chain, ready to pull out the hunk of metal still sitting in the end of the colon.

The cow clenched her tailhole as she got ready, finding a towel to set down so she could easily retrieve her jewelry, if that's what was actually about to come out. She squatted down, making sure she had positioned herself well, before she relaxed her anus. Her insides squeezed Heather tightly, beginning to push her past the ring of flesh, and out into the cool air.

The kitsune shivered a bit as her form was eased out of the hot insides she had grown so accustomed to, but was thankful to see something soft, dry, and not at all bowl shaped below her. She still couldn't believe some people used those awful machines! With a small squeeze, her entire body slid out of the anus. She fell a few inches towards the towel before stopping with a yelp, forgetting she was holding a chain! She dangled from Daisy's rump as the pendant and ring were pushed through at their own pace. The fleshy ring began to open once again, revealing the large, round object. Daisy struggled a bit to keep the relatively small item from getting sucked back in, pushing a bit. Once the widest point was out though, the rest quickly slid through! Heather landed on the ground first. The pendant landed on her with a soft plunk before resting to the side.

Satisfied that her lower bowels were empty, Daisy looked back to what had come out. She was excited to see her shiny pendant, seemingly unharmed by her digestive process! More than that, she was shocked to see an apparently living being, rubbing her sore head before looking back up at her.

“Did I, uh... just poop you out?” She hadn't been sure if the kitsune had really traveled through her body, or had just happened to walk in on the show. The micro nodded once, as she looked at the gold pendant next to her. “Oh! I got your pendant, an' I found a ring! It hit me after I got out though. Mean ring! I tried to be good and it bonked me! Huff!” Daisy looked back to the pendant, noticing a gold ring tied in the chain.

“Well thank you hon. I really don't know what to...” She paused when she looked to the pendant again, and recognized the ring tied around the chain. “T-thank you! I really don't know what to say, I thought that had been lost a long time ago!” She sat down in front of Heather, as she picked up the glittering metal. “It must have been terrible inside of me...”

“Huh? Nuh-uh!” Heather said as she shook her head, repeatedly. “There was, like, warmth! And squeezes! I like those, a lot! And sooooo many stomachs to look at! I mean, there was the one, and the other, and... Oh! There was also some other stuff in you. It didn't look as shiny so I didn't carry it along.” The cow idly rubbed over her own belly, wondering what those things inside might be. Probably a few of the other trinkets she swallowed and assumed she had passed.

“Well... Is there anything I can do to repay you?”

“You could totally gobble me up agai...” She paused mid-sentence. “...Aaaactually, my friend might wonder what happened. Could you give me a ride back to Eve's place? I'm tiny and I'm lazy and even if I wasn't I know I couldn't walk this far. I'd get cold!” Heather could easily grow larger if she wanted, but she liked being small! Conservation of heat! Daisy nodded, slipping her pendant on before she reached down to gently lift up the small kitsune. “Oh, do you have a name?”

“Food! ...Oh, wait, most people call me Heather, so I guess that!” She say down on her palm. “It was totally warm in you! Like, warm-warm! ...You should, like, open up a vacancy for a little sune to rent out. Totally would. 5/5!”

Daisy idly nodded, still not completely sure what to make of this entire situation. She was shocked by the notion that Heather might want a second trip through her, but also intrigued... For now, she figured it would be best to get her where she needed to be. She put the pendant on, and started to head out with the small kitsune.

Daisy idly munched on a carton of grass from a fast food place she had stopped at on the way home. All the way to Eve's place and back she had wondered about the idea of having a living being inside of her. It was an interesting thought, but she wasn't sure if it was something she could do for fun. Hopefully, she would never have to do it again out of necessity either. She took another big bite out of the grass, chewing just a bit before gulping as she pulled into her driveway.

Maybe she'd go have some fun with her. What time was it? She looked down to her wrist to check her watch, only to realize it wasn't there! She could've sworn it was just there though. She started to look around, but stopped when she felt something heavy hit the bottom of her belly...

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