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Billy's New Pet

By Foxgut

Contains F/M Oral Vore, Feral Predator, Cub Prey, Full Tour, Object Swallowing/Passing Scat/Disposal

This story features a character named Evil, whose owner was kind enough to allow me to write a fan story about her. Please go check out her art here!

It was a warm weekend afternoon as young fox played fetch with his newly adopted dog. The small cub shouted “fetch!” as he tossed a tennis ball to the other side of the yard. The large black dog quickly turned to chase after the object. She returned after a few seconds, dropping the slimy ball at Billy’s feet. “Good girl, Evil!” He said as he reached to rub the dog’s ears. She bowed her head as she accepted the pets, stepping forward, and accidentally knocking the seven year old back just a bit.

Billy had been begging his parents to get a pet dog for the better part of a year, and just that morning they had finally relented. One trip to the animal shelter later, the boy instantly bonded with the large dog named Evil. The canine was even bigger than he was, but seemed incredibly friendly towards him. The parents had been concerned that her size would make her hard to feed, or that she might even be too large to just be a regular old dog. The cub won out however, and so they took the giant home, where the child had been playing with his new pet since.

“Okay, fetch!” Billy said as he tossed the slobbery tennis ball to the other end of the yard once more. Evil barked as she turned to run after it, vanishing behind a tree for just a moment, before running back to the fox. The cub reached to take the ball from her, but realized she wasn’t actually holding it. He looked up, but couldn’t see where it had landed either. “Aw... oh well!” He said cheerfully as he rubbed the underside of his dog’s chin, before turning to walk back into the house. “Come on in, I wanna show you something.” Evil responded with a single soft bark, following closely behind as he went to his bedroom.

The fox opened up his toychest, leaning in as he dug around inside. “Know I left it in here somewhere...” He mumbled, leaning far enough that his legs and tail began to dangle over the wooden edge. “Ah-ha!” He pulled himself back out, and presented a small dog-shaped rubber toy. Evil began to sniff at it, pausing for a moment when he squeezed to trigger a recorded bark sound.

“This is my favorite toy! I kinda practiced what it’d be like to have a real dog like you with it. I walked it, and fed it, and-”

In one swift motion, Evil opened her jaws, and snapped up the toy right out of the cub’s hands. Before he could react, he heard a single wet gulp, before the dog opened her jaws again, panting happily. The object hadn’t tasted great, but it felt nice filling her belly. Billy whimpered as he leaned a bit closer, feeling his pet’s warm breath wash over his face as he saw that his beloved toy had indeed vanished.

“N-no, bad dog...” He said meekly, walking over to wrap one arm around her back, and place his other paw on the belly. “Come on, spit it up please!” He began to push into the belly, able to feel the rough outline of his toy, along with a round shape that might’ve been the lost ball. He wasn’t strong enough to move them, or even cause Evil any real discomfort. He pushed up several times, but gave up when it was obvious he couldn’t make her release it. The fox took a step back, looking over his dog’s middle, and then to her backside... He whimpered, knowing that things that went down someone’s throat tended to come out looking much different. What if she turned his favorite toy into poop?

The child stepped back in front of Evil, just about making eye contact with her as she sat. She still panted, letting him get a clear look between her slimy jaws. “Maybe, um...” He raised up a paw. “Okay, hold still please...” He carefully slid his paw past her teeth, setting it onto her tongue, before pushing it past her throat. The gullet felt slimy, making the young cub shudder as he felt the saliva soaking into his fur. It felt icky, but he pushed more of his arm in anyways, wanting to get his toy back before it had a chance to melt.

Evil seemed surprisingly content to have Billy reach inside of her like this. She sat still, letting him feed the rest of his arm inside. Her tongue would slurp around, first over his shoulder, and then his face as he leaned further in. The toddler tasted much better than those things bouncing around in her gut, and he’d probably be more filling as well. She had a good enough sense to realize that it was probably a bad idea to eat the person taking care of her however. But as he seemed to feed more of himself to her, it became hard to resist the urge to swallow.

“Almost...!” Billy mumbled, lifting himself so his feet began to dangle off the ground. Really, he was nowhere near reaching the canine’s stomach - But she had suddenly decided to change that. She tipped her head back, lifting the cub upside down and letting gravity help pull him down, as she began to gulp, sending his head and shoulders down past her tongue.

“H-hey, stop!” The fox yelled, beginning to flail and try to pull himself back out. “Mom, dad, help!” He screamed, though his voice wouldn’t carry far beyond the gullet he was trapped inside of. Evil rumbled, simply because she didn’t like the taste of the shirt sliding across her tongue. With another swallow, only his legs and tail dangled outside of her lips. She began to slurp them inside as they kicked, while the vaguely fox-shaped bulge in her neck and chest sank deeper, towards her softly rumbling gut. In just a few more seconds she only held his bare feetpaws on her tongue. With one more swallow, the last of the fox cub was sealed inside of her body.

Billy cried as he tried to fight against the pull of the esophagus. He hated the icky slimy feeling over his entire body, and the acrid stench of dog breath mixed with stomach acid. His head came to rest against the end of the gullet, before a contraction pushed it through, shoving him face-first into his lost toy, and a mixture of gastric juices and half-digested dog food.

Evil trotted out of Billy’s room before her gullet had even finished pushing him into her stomach. She found her bone laying on the kitchen ground nearby, and laid down to begin gnawing on it. She knew she did a bad thing, but it felt nice to have the cub struggling inside of her. She was content to allow nature to take its course. Though it’d take a while for all that meat to be processed, she was confident her body was up to the task.

Long before Billy could begin to digest however, his mother wandered into the kitchen looking for him. Evil looked up with guilt on her face as the vixen looked at the bulge. “Oh, Billy...” She sighed and shook her head, before kneeling down to feel the dog’s distended middle. To her relief the lump still felt very solid, and very squirmy. “M-mom, help!” He shouted, struggling enough to make the dog’s belly wobble. “I-I don’t want to be dog poop!”

“You know I was worried you couldn’t handle a pet yet. Let alone one this big.” She said in a lecturing, not-too-worried tone. “I’ll see about getting you out. Please try not to squirm, I think that makes the stomach work faster.” Immediately the cub froze, softly whimpering as the stomach continued to contract and squeeze his body. Evil watched closely as the vixen walked out of the room and to the medicine cabinet, beginning to look through it. She pulled out an older bottle labeled “Ipecac”, but found the cap seemed to have not been screwed on right, allowing it to all evaporate away. She put it back and looked around some more, before pulling out two different bottles.

“Well, I can’t make her throw you up.” She said loud enough for her son to hear through the flesh, as she walked back into the kitchen and opened the pantry. “You’ll have to take the long way out."

“You mean... Ewwwwww!" Billy said, feeling sick at the mere thought of being pushed out of the dog’s backside. “But I’ll be all poopy!"

“It’s better than turning into poop." She said bluntly as she pulled out the bag of dog food. She filled Evil’s bowl, before pouring the bottles of laxative and antacid on top. “Now, eat.” She said as she looked the dog in the eye. She didn’t find the food pellets with white and pink liquid poured over them to look very appetizing, but knew it wouldn’t be wise to disobey. She dipped her head into the bowl, beginning to chew up and swallow the chunks of food. Billy heard the crunching sounds as the belly shuddered and rumbled around him. The antacid would be arriving just in time to hopefully quell the digestive process.

“M-mom? How long will it take to, um... come out?”

The vixen kneeled down to Evil’s belly as she ate. “I fed her a lot of laxative, but you’re a lot to push through. I think if you’re lucky... Maybe she’ll push you out tomorrow morning?”

“But it’s gross!” The child whined. “It smells and it feels all slimy... I don’t wanna stay in here all night!”

“Well just be grateful I found you when you did. It’s much, much grosser to be melted down in a stomach.” She patted Evil’s belly, standing as she finished up her meal. The vixen poured one more large bowl full of food, figuring more of it might help push her son through a bit faster. “Try to get some sleep, and I’ll see you in the morning.”

Billy whimpered as the stomach contracted over and over around him, splashing chewed up kibble and gastric juices into his face and rubbing it into his body. He wanted desperately to get away from the wet and slimy feeling over his body, the sensation sometimes overwhelming him until he tried to struggle away. But there was no place he could go to escape the slick walls that enveloped his body. The fleshy pit continued to churn, the enzymes mostly neutralized by the abundant antacids, though the dog food did seem to slowly be digesting. He swayed a bit as Evil stood, trotting back into her owner’s room, and curling up on his bed to rest.

The young fox cub lost track of time as the dog slept. He had managed to wiggle out of his shirt, not liking the feel of the wet cloth sticking to his fur. He sat curled up in a near fetal position, almost tired enough to fall asleep in the canine’s belly... But a particularly tight, almost painful squeeze got his attention. He heard a wet slurping sound, as some liquified food got pushed down into the predator’s intestines. With another contraction, his own head was shoved into the tight tube as well! He yelped and struggled, though Evil remained fast asleep, even as her body worked on getting her prey’s shoulders down into her bowels. Her belly glorped and shifted as it eased the big lump of meat out of her stomach, until it was finally empty.

Billy would remain awake with the constant squeeze of the intestines. His skin felt a bit raw after sitting in the stomach acids for so long, but he was still very much in one piece. Even with the laxative forcing her digestive system to push things along as fast as it could, his body only moved about a couple of centimetres per minute through the long, winding tubes. His solid form helped to push along some long forgotten bits of things Evil had previously eaten. Mostly slime, a couple of coins, and even some tiny bones that appeared to be from something roughly mouse-sized. Maybe a mouse, or maybe a micro. Even if he could see in the pitch black tunnel, it’d be difficult to tell.

All of the food stuck in his fur and surrounding his body was further broken down into its baser elements by the juices in the intestines. The microscopic villi absorbed everything of use to the canine, leaving behind more and more waste products. The already bad smell gradually became worse, before the cub realized that he was just being covered in dog crap. He let out a loud “Ewwwww!”, whining and kicking for a moment. He hoped that he was at least close to the exit. Surely he must be close!

A few more hours ticked by, before Billy found his face pushed against a wall. A sphincter in the middle slowly gave way, to allow the child to pass into the large intestine. The process was very slow. It took at least fifteen minutes for his body to fully pass through the ring of flesh, before he settled into the dog’s colon. There was much more waste built up inside, though the smell wasn’t much worse than what he’d already grown accustomed to in the last parts of the small intestine. The moisture in the slime around him was gradually sucked away, turning it into more of a clay-like substance. Though the colon was much shorter, and afforded him just a bit more room to wiggle around, he was pushed along even slower than before. Gradually he eased along, beginning to push into the rectum with his face mere inches from freedom...

Evil awoke as she felt a familiar pressure in her backside. She stood up, carrying her big gut into the kitchen and towards the back door. She whimpered and pawed at the glass, the child in her rectum creating a larger than usual urge to evacuate her bowels. Billy’s mother had already been in the room making coffee when she heard the whine. She walked over, kneeling to feel the belly bulge and confirm her cub hadn’t been digested, before opening the door.

The dog walked out onto the grass, squatting, and relaxing to begin pushing everything out. Her anus flexed a bit to produce a normal looking dog turd. As it landed on the ground, the ring of flesh quivered, before a filthy tennis ball followed it out. Next she would have to poop out her owner.

Billy gasped as he saw a point of light in front, knowing he was finally about to be free! He struggled to try and work his way out of the dog’s butt faster, but Evil’s digestive system would have to work at its own pace. She growled softly and pushed, her tailhole quivering, before a filthy muzzle began to emerge, taking a deep breath of fresh air. The predator strained to push out his head, and seemed to get stuck on his shoulders! He hung with his head poking out of her ass for a few moments, before she paused, and he felt the intestines start to pull him back up. All the while his mother watched, waiting to see if Evil would be able to do it on her own or not.

“N-no, poop me out!” After a few seconds the dog began to push once again. His shoulders pressed against the inside ring of flesh for nearly half a minute, easing out agonizingly slow. But once the widest point was through, the pressure would be enough to quickly push out the rest of the child. In just a few more seconds Billy was fully expelled from his dog’s colon, half-encased in a massive turd. He looked wordlessly up at the butt he had just been inside of. Evil’s belly rumbled as she lifted her tail again. With a wet fart, the toy he had originally set out to retrieve came flying out, landing next to him. She turned around to look at what her body had just produced. Usually it would be disappointing for her prey to escape, but she was happy to see her owner was still alive! She panted happily as his mother came to pick him up, and carry him inside for a very, very long bath.

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